Taobao sex lingerie review is too slow

1. Overview of the problem

There are many sexy underwear shops on the Taobao platform, which brings a lot of options for shoppers, but when submitting sex underwear review, sometimes it is necessary to wait for a long time to make the store unable to list new products in time.This seems to be a common problem in Taobao sex underwear shops.Why is there such a situation?

2. One of the reasons for review: sample review

The Taobao platform’s review of sexy underwear is necessary. This requires the samples to be submitted to the platform after multiple links, such as testing the details, hygiene, size, color and other details of sexy underwear.This time is long, and the relevant applications that are filled in need to be reviewed.If the sample is not passed, the sample needs to be replaced, which will also lead to the extension of the review time.

3. Reasons for review 2: Insufficient manpower

The Taobao platform receives tens of thousands of sexy underwear applications every day and requires manual review.Due to the limit of the number of auditors and work efficiency, they may not be able to complete all the review tasks in time, resulting in a slow audit speed.Therefore, some sexy underwear needs to wait for several weeks or months to pass the review.

4. The third reasons for the review: too many applications

Another reason is that there are too many applicants.With the continuous development of society, more and more people choose to open sex underwear shops. At the same time, in some special cases, only by submitting more and more sexy underwear samples can new products be put on the shelves in time.In this case, no matter how high the number or efficiency of the audit personnel, it is difficult to achieve the purpose of rapid review.

5. One of the solutions: prepare in advance

One way to improve the speed of review is to prepare in advance.If the store can prepare a sample inventory of the sexy underwear in advance, it can immediately archive its sample inventory when the new product application is submitted for review.This will speed up the speed of sample review, save the audit time, and eventually shorten the waiting time on the shelves.

6. Solution 2: Follow up the review progress

After the platform is submitted to the application, the store can follow up the review progress and ask the reviewer to ask the latest situation of sexy underwear review.This allows the store to understand the dynamics of the review progress, and can play an active role in increasing the audit manpower or contacting reviewers for urging review.At the same time, this can also help stores understand the review results in a timely manner and reduce waiting time.

7. Solution 3: Improve product quality

The quality, hygiene, size, color and other aspects of the material, hygiene, size, color and other aspects they sell are one of the feasible solutions.This can shorten the review time, increase the probability of passing the audit, and even meet the standards of Taobao platform for sexy underwear. The sexy underwear of the store will be more popular and further increase the sales volume.

8. Solution 4: Application cycle management

Interesting underwear shops can formulate store opening plans, better manage its application cycle in accordance with the provisions of the Taobao platform review and human resources allocation information.This includes a targeted submission of applications, planning new products in advance, and making full use of social media and online stores to promote the popularity and attention of the store.

9. Solution 5: Seek help

If the store is still unable to pass the sexual underwear review in time, you can seek the help of Taobao customer service staff. These service personnel may provide solutions, including increasing the audit personnel or improving the efficiency of audit.

10. Conclusion

Interesting underwear stores need to understand the root cause of Taobao review and prepare sufficient sample inventory to improve the efficiency of sample review.In addition, stores can adopt a variety of ways to accelerate the audit process, including the management application cycle, follow -up review progress, improve product quality, and help the help of Taobao customer service staff.In this way, the store can sell its sexy underwear products faster and better on the Taobao platform.

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