Taobao sex lingerie welfare atlas

Taobao sex lingerie welfare atlas

1. High temperature in spring, light and breathable sexy underwear recommendation

As the temperature gradually rises, wearing heavy underwear is not good for the body.Therefore, the breathable and light sexy underwear has become the new darling of the fashion industry.If you want to get a light and natural dressing experience, you can choose a sexy underwear made of lace materials and blood drops, so that your chest will be the best care and support.

Second, sexy key, net yarn sex underwear is worth having

Women who do not like lace and blood droplets can choose net gauze underwear.The perspective effect of this underwear allows you to achieve a perfect balance between sexy and elegance, bringing you infinite reverie.At the same time, the yarn underwear has a unique breathing performance, which keeps you cool in the hot summer.

Third, pursue the best enjoyment, silk sexy underwear is another choice

In the hot weather, you can choose the best silk sex underwear to enjoy the ultimate experience brought by the soft and comfortable body sensation.Moreover, silk underwear has the characteristics of natural luster, good breathability, softness and comfort, and highlights your figure.

Fourth, the choice of mixed -race beauty, European -style sexy underwear

European sexy underwear design pays more attention to details and workmanship. The overall texture is very strong, so it is favored by mixed -race models.If you want to try European -style erotic underwear, you can choose the colorful European bra and panties. Strong visual impact makes you more attractive.

Five, meat feel queen Fan’er, leather sex lingerie wants what you want

Leather sex underwear is a very different choice, especially suitable for women who like the Queen of Fan Fan.The sexy underwear of leather material is unique, which can make you a real sexy queen.At the same time, its design is also very practical, which can lock the body’s fat and make you more confident when wearing.

6. Essentials of the goddess of dance, the body of the steel circle sexy underwear is more beautiful

For women who want to be the goddess of dance, steel circle sex underwear is also an essential equipment.This underwear can not only shape the chest shape and save the drooping feeling when wearing a coat, but also has a tightening effect on the stomach, waist, hip, and other parts.Make you more confident and charming.

7. Small breast mm exclusive, gather sexy underwear to make you a cup in seconds

If you are a small breast MM, then gather sexual relationship with sexy underwear is your exclusive choice. Adopt a high -level gathering of lining to maximize the huge attractiveness.Not only does you instantly become a CUP, but also your self -confidence and aura.

Eight, sexy sweetness and both, peach blossom heart woody lingerie interpretation unruly girl style

The design of the pursuit of sexy and sweetness in the design of peach blossoms in the designs makes people infiltrate in helpless but endless temptation.Its exquisite materials and delicate sewing craftsmanship not only breaks the traditional uniform concept, but also is full of playful and cute feelings, suitable for fashionable girls.

Nine, sexy underwear maintenance tips

It is very important to maintain it after buying a sexy underwear.To keep the underwear clean and hygienic, you can add a professional pollutant when cleaning, then wash it thoroughly with water, and finally place it in a dry ventilation place.In addition, when placing underwear, it is recommended to reverse the underwear to avoid deformation.

10. Last suggestion

Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you is a very important task. Different styles and types are suitable for different body shapes and occasions.Therefore, pay attention to the brand and size when shopping. Only by choosing the right sexy underwear can you bring you the most comfortable and sexy experience.

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