Taobao’s famous sexy underwear model


On Taobao, the sales of sexy underwear have always been very good, and some famous sexy underwear models often recommend underwear on Taobao.Today, let’s take a look at the famous sexy underwear model on Taobao.

Xiaodie EVA

Xiaodie Eva is a very famous sexy underwear model.She often releases some videos about European and American sexy underwear.Xiaodie Eva is tall, with a large chest, and it is very sexy in sexy underwear.

Mu Li language

Mu Li is a boss of a underwear shop. Because she also likes to wear sexy underwear very much, she often tries her underwear in the shop and will truly show her effect after wearing underwear.Mu Liyu has tried a variety of different styles of underwear, from adult erotic underwear to spring lace underwear is suitable for her figure to varying degrees.

Yueyue Miyuki

Yueyue Yin Dance is a tall and elegant model.She often puts on some high -end sexual emotional fun underwear for display.Especially for women with small chests, Yueyue Dance often teaches you how to match the right underwear to highlight your advantages.

Zi Jingxiu

Zi Jingxiu is a petite underwear model, but she is very well dressed and often wears a display work with sexy underwear.The video she shot is very life -threatening, showing a variety of ways to wear sexy underwear in different occasions, and is loved by many fans.

Daming small transparency

Daming Primary Transparency is one of the very popular sexy underwear models in recent years.She has a very good figure and a very strong expression, and often interacts with fans with interaction such as kissing and selling cute.When she puts on different erotic underwear, she can always interpret the different characteristics of the underwear.

Cute grass

Meng Xiaocao is a very lively and pleasant sexy underwear model. Her display works always make people feel full of youth.The fun underwear style she put on is very suitable for young women, and at the same time, she is also very rich in showing underwear.

Orange Venus

Orange Venus is a very personal and sexy sexy underwear model.She can always show her sexy temperament perfectly, making people unforgettable.Her wearing videos are also very interesting, often showing some very bold and creative underwear matching methods.

Nogo Momo

Nogo is a very graceful sexy underwear model.Her style is very sexy, and her temperament is also very prominent. She can always make the characteristics of underwear as much as possible.Nogo’s video works are also very grounded and real, giving people a very good watch experience.

Beautiful style

Aesthetic style is a sexy underwear model with a very perfect figure. Her video works always make people feel very gentle and elegant.Moreover, her underwear is also very sophisticated, and she can always fully combine various different elements to create a very beautiful style.


The prosperous fall is a model that is very funny underwear. She can always wear different erotic underwear in different situations, showing different sexy atmosphere, which makes people unforgettable.Her video works are very good, well -made, and they are worthy of attention.


The above is the famous sexy underwear model on Taobao. Each of their sexy underwear is worth trying.Wearing a sexy underwear that suits us can make us more confident and release more charming charm.

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