Teacher wears fun underwear training

<旁白>Note: The following articles are fictional. Do not imitate or speculate, thank you.

Chapter 1: Teacher’s new uniform

The classroom is calm and harmonious.The new semester began, and after the class meeting, the students left one after another.Suddenly, the classroom door was pushed away, and the head teacher came in, and also our Chinese teacher Lin.However, her appearance has been very different from the image we are familiar with. She put on a pink sexy underwear embroidery suit, and her smooth hair gently intertwined on the shoulders.

Chapter 2: Her new image

We shocked the chin and couldn’t believe that this woman turned out to be our serious and fair Chinese teacher.However, her smile is more splendid and moving than ever, as if she is a new teacher Lin, the focus of the center of the stage, beautiful and moving.She came to us:

Chapter III: Training on Class

Teacher Lin has a pair of bright eyes that can penetrate the deep inside of each of us and see the deepest secret.She began to explain compositions for us. After the group discussion, Teacher Lin’s words were increasingly depicting obsessed people. She told us to think about these portraits and how deep the image was.

Chapter 4: Tips for driving desire

The topic gradually shifted from composition to sex and desire.Teacher Lin has never been so indulgent to us.In this regard, we are a little overwhelmed.Teacher Lin relentlessly discussed the trick of driving desire, and also told us sincerely that he also realized in this regard.

Chapter 5: Press the fast -forward button

Gradually, we began to be addicted to this sex education class of Teacher Lin, and the time in the class was always too fast.Teacher Lin slowly revealed his heart and let us see the side of sex and happiness.For modern young people, her explanation is really raining in time, letting us wake up from immersing in the pornography of the Internet.She talked about it, let us always have many naive and wrong ideas for sex, knowing how to be happy, and to respect.

Chapter 6: More in -depth topics

Time seemed to stop on her body, we were immersed in her sexual knowledge ocean, fascinated.

Teacher Lin continued to tell us: sex does not have to call each other or meet each other.Many people may quickly establish a "emotional connection", but Teacher Lin believes that it is nothing unless they can see it.The relationship that can truly have vitality and dazzling should be known for its deep and deep.

Chapter 7: How sensitive she is

Teacher Lin focused on the classroom, we found how sensitive she was.She can almost capture things that everyone likes and hates, and we clearly feel her "sixth sense".

Chapter 8: The Story has ended

Teacher Lin’s new image plays an important role throughout the semester, not only her knowledge of our knowledge, but also her unique temperament and novel image.Each of us is grateful, she provides us with such a beautiful "course".

We soon thought that if all teachers could put on such sex underwear, the teaching effect would be more deeper and powerful.Perhaps this beautiful time should continue.

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