The brand of the mall is sexy underwear

The brand of the mall is sexy underwear

With the increasing popularity of sexual culture, the representative of sexy underwear as sexy clothing has become a symbol of modern pursuit of quality life.According to statistics, the annual growth rate of the sexy underwear market around the world is above 20%, and China seems to have attracted the attention of countless sexy underwear brands.In major shopping malls or online stores, we can see a lot of sexy underwear brands, but how to distinguish which brand is a sexy underwear brand?This article will analyze for you in detail to tell you whether the brand you bought is a sexy underwear brand.

Brand logo

First of all, contact the LOGO of the sexy underwear brand you buy, and good brand positioning can impress consumers.Such as Honey Bud, Aig, Peiwen, Gala and other brands have its unique and distinctive logo. When you see these logo, you know that this is a sexy underwear brand.


Secondly, the style of the clothing brand’s clothing brand is definitely the most obvious feature that is different from other brands.Sexy underwear is generally sexy and exposed. In color and style, it often uses bold design, such as suspenders, hollowed out, and other sexy underwear is generally more beautiful and the design is more special.If the costumes you see are bold, sexy or exposed, then it is likely to be sexy underwear.


The material is also one of the two key differences between the sexy lingerie brands and ordinary underwear brands.The sexy underwear brand will use special materials to make underwear, such as lace, silk, linen, etc. The material is more sexy and soft, suitable for women’s skin, and it is more comfortable to wear.If you feel that the underwear you bought has a soft and sexy feel, then this is likely to be a sexy lingerie.


Tags are also an important basis for distinguishing sex underwear brands and ordinary underwear brands.The labels of sexy underwear brands are often clearer, indicated materials and origin, and will use more unique identification styles and eye -catching logo colors.Vibrant, you can recognize it at a glance.


The packaging box is also one of the important aspects of sexy underwear brands and ordinary underwear brands.The packaging boxes of sexy underwear brands often use some eye -catching, sexy colors and elements, such as red, black, and some cartoon pictures, sex logos, etc.And ordinary underwear brands often use simple but not surprising packaging boxes.Therefore, when choosing a brand, pay attention to see if the design of this brand of boxes has sexy and tempting elements.

Promotion channels

Interest underwear brands should also have its own unique characteristics in promotion channels.Merchants with erotic underwear brands will make market promotion channels that are different from traditional underwear in terms of advertising promotion, public relations promotion, etc. For example, they can choose to sell their own products in corresponding activities in sexual culture.Therefore, you can also determine whether the promotion method of the mall brand store is more sexy and different.


The most important difference between sexy underwear and ordinary underwear is different uses.There will be corresponding sex scenes in sexy underwear. Often there are camisole, hollow, and sexy common elements, while ordinary underwear is relatively popular and conservative. The underwear is mainly to cover the basic functions of large and small busts, increase forms, etc., and it will be more more more.Focus on comfort and appropriateness.If you see an exaggerated or erotic element you see, then this is likely to be a messy underwear.


Finally, the price is also a major difference between sexy underwear and ordinary underwear.Fun underwear brands are often higher than ordinary underwear, because the materials are better and more sexy fabrics, so the price is not so cheap.If you see a model with sexy underwear with thousands of dollars, it can be expected that this brand will not be too cheap.


Finally, after careful analysis, you should now be able to easily distinguish between sexy underwear brands and ordinary underwear brands. However, it is important to keep in mind that it is best for you.No matter which brand in the mall, if it is suitable for you to wear, it is the most beautiful body and perfect sexy posture.

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