The charging of sexy underwear model


In today’s era, sexy underwear has become a part of many human sex life, and sexy underwear models have become one of the targets for merchants to promote sales.So, how is the charging of sexy underwear models calculated?

Pricing factor

There is no fixed standard for the charges of sexy underwear models, mainly because there are many pricing factors.The reputation, experience, figure, personality, market demand, shooting time of a model will affect her charging standards.Therefore, when merchants are confirmed by models, they will comprehensively consider these factors to determine the price.


Generally speaking, the charges of sexy underwear models are calculated every hour.Model charges are generally ranging from hundreds of yuan to thousands of yuan, and the specific charging standards will vary according to the different merchants.Sometimes, merchants may also calculate the model’s charges with the number of shooting days or the percentage of the entire project cost.

The influence of fame and experience

Sexy underwear models with higher popularity and experience are usually attracted more attention and welcome, because they can increase the sales volume of the product and assist merchants to establish their own brand image.As a result, their fees will be relatively high.But for new models without fame and experience, merchants will give more flexible charging standards.

Influence of body and appearance

The figure and appearance of sexy underwear models also have a great impact on its charging standards.Merchants want to attract more customers through their figure.Therefore, for models with relatively perfect figures, their charging standards will be relatively high.

Effect of personality and style

The personality and style of sexy underwear models is also one of the factors that determine their charging standards.Some merchants need models to dare to challenge different wear styles, and models with multiple languages and performance ability will be more popular.Merchants will be more willing to cooperate with models with good cooperation and can make adjustments at any time.

Market demand

Market demand is one of the important factors that determine the charging of sexy underwear models.If the market’s demand for sexy underwear products is relatively large, then merchants may be more willing to pay higher fees to hire models for publicity and attract customers to increase product sales.

filming time

The charging standards of sexy underwear models are also closely related to shooting time.For a small number of publicity short films, the charging of the model will be relatively low.If the merchant needs models for several days in a row, the charging of the model will increase accordingly.

Scope of propaganda

The charging of sexy underwear models is also related to the scope of publicity. If it is a color page brochure, the model charges will be relatively low.And if it is a TV advertisement or a large -scale exhibition event, the model’s charges will be higher.

in conclusion

Overall, when the merchant signs a contract with the sexy underwear model, the charging standard is required.Merchants need to consider a variety of factors to determine a reasonable price.For models, to get higher fees, they need to enhance personal image, skills and popularity, so that they can become more professional and attractive sexy underwear models.

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