The more popular sexy underwear shop on Taobao

The more popular sexy underwear shop on Taobao

1. Luna Dream Fate

Luna Dream is one of the more popular sex lingerie stores on Taobao.The shop has multiple product series with excellent reputation, including oath series, Zijinxu series, and Jinyao Butterfly series.These series of products have a variety of products and bright colors.Moreover, the quality of the store is also very good, and you can get worthy of money.

2. Angie’s Home

Angie’s Home is another sexy underwear shop that is loved by Taobao.The shop’s product style is fashionable and quality is very high.The products in the shop pay special attention to details. Each piece of clothes pay attention to matching, which can bring customers a perfect visual effect.Moreover, the store also provides various official WeChat activities for customers to shop more conveniently.

3. SISI’s small shop

SISI’s shop is a very small and fresh sexy underwear shop.The products of the shop are mostly based on fresh, cute and romantic theme.The style and color are very unique, suitable for the taste of personalized girls.The service attitude of the store is also very good, and customer service can provide customers with professional matching suggestions according to personal preference.

4. Independent shop of peach juice

The independent shop of peach juice is a sexy underwear shop with good quality and price.The shop’s products are very suitable for Asian women’s figures, and there are diverse styles, such as blue tears, dream dances, lover apartments, demon gardens and other product lines.The brand quality is very good, and various preferential activities are often launched.

5. Elfworks.z

Elfworks.z is a privately customized sexy underwear shop.The store pays great attention to details and can customize various styles of sexy underwear for customers to meet the personalized needs of customers.And the shop’s products are very delicate and can provide the most perfect visual effects for each customer.

6. Berlin Kailinku

Berlin Kellycu is a variety of sexy underwear shops.Whether you are a couple in love, or a relaxed and free single nobleman, the store can provide you with your favorite style.Whether it is a bra, underwear, sexy underwear, etc., you can find the right product here.

7. Coats ED

Coats ED is one of the more popular sex lingerie shops on Taobao.Their products are diverse and full of color, suitable for the preferences of different people.And the store pays attention to service quality, and often issue a variety of coupons and discount codes.In addition, the store also has various brand areas, including MJHIPPIE, Shefairy, Mandymomo, etc. The product style of each brand is also very unique.

8. JOCY Kiki

JOCY Kiki is one of the more popular sexy underwear shops on Taobao.The products in the store are diverse, suitable for the matching of different occasions and different clothing.In addition, the store has sufficient stocks. Its operating team is rich in experience and can provide customers with services such as supplements and replacement of products in time.

9. Kaidi Mona

Kaidi Mona is a sexy underwear shop focusing on quality and services.The quality of the products in the shop is very good, and there are multiple styles that can meet the needs of different stages, such as sex, celebration day, ordinary sleep, etc.Not only that, the store also provides various preferential activities, such as points rewards and membership discounts.

10. Muzyi Bridge

On Taobao, Muz Ni Bridge is a very famous sexy underwear shop.The products they provide are high -quality and new style, which is very suitable for personalized girls.In addition, the store has also carried out many brand activities on Taobao, such as Fan Lian Rainbow Box, Xi Mei Lite, and Chun Wind. The product lines of different brands can be found here.


Observing the sales of the Taobao sex underwear store carefully, we will find that these shops are displayed with sexy and elegant underwear, with rich colors and styles, each with their own characteristics, and the concept of upholding is "Makes every woman feel the most beautiful"Service purposes.In general, there are many choices on Taobao’s sexy underwear stores, providing various quality and styles of products.Of course, every girl has their own preferences. You can choose a shop that suits you to shop according to your needs and taste.

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