The most shy thing to wear sex underwear

The most shy thing to wear sex underwear

In daily life, women’s underwear is more than just a simple protective clothing, and it also plays a very important role in increasing interest and sexy.Sex underwear is one of the most commonly used clothing that women are most commonly used to show their charm and temptation. Many women wear sexy underwear in sex. Everyone often guess what shame can women in sexy underwear do?Below we will find out the most shy things of sexy underwear.

The bad taste of when choosing a sexy underwear

It is often said that spiritual satisfaction first stems from psychological enjoyment, which is also established for women.So when choosing a sexy underwear, many women choose some "bad fun" styles.For example, the styles inlaid on the chest, the style with a metal ring, etc., can see that the core factors that these sexy underwear brings to women are also consistent with the "enjoyment" of women who want women.

The mood of wearing a sexy underwear for the first time

For many women, the mood of wearing sexy underwear for the first time is complicated.Whether it is to satisfy the curiosity of people, or to make the other party more love yourself, or pursue the orgasm of sex, wearing sexy underwear is a new temptation.Of course, for the first time, the mood of wearing a sexy underwear is intricate, with expectations, shyness, shyness, and embarrassment, and some challenges to our boundaries, making our body more confident and beautiful.

Shy corner

Women wearing sex underwear also have psychological needs. They will choose some "shame" corners for sexual exchanges, so that they can get more satisfaction in their love experience.This kind of self -satisfaction is not only physical, but also psychologically understanding, so that people can enjoy more.

Constructing sexual intercourse flirting and interesting

Women wearing sex underwear also need to build some flirting and fun when sexual intercourse, so that both parties can get a better sexual experience.Fasting also has different needs, so that people can get more satisfaction in sex.And wearing erotic underwear has also become an important part of women to build flirting and fun in sex.

Enjoy the joy of your tongue

Women also have the need to enjoy their cheers.After wearing a sexy underwear, women can get the happiness of both parties on oral sex.This is also reflected in the purchase of sexy underwear of many couples, especially the "opening of the hole" design.

Fancy teasing

Women wearing erotic underwear are easy to master some fancy teasing skills to achieve a better sexual experience.When wearing fun underwear, some women are easy to make the man "orally" and make themselves more confident and beautiful in sex.

Interaction in group life

In group living, women in sexy underwear are also easy to become the most attractive group of people.They are tired of the monotonous and boring of daily life, and they need to get more happiness and enjoyment in sexual life.This also reflects the dedicated attributes of sexy underwear to female groups.

Group show off

Women wearing sex underwear also need groups to show off.They need to shake their fashion and sexy feelings and show their charm and welfare in the group.This is particularly obvious in the younger generation, showing the best state in short video and social networks.


Wearing sex underwear is not a kind of "shame" or "improper".It is a way for women to pursue self -psychological and physiological satisfaction. It is also an indispensable part of flirting and fun in the process of seeking orgasm.Try to put on sexy underwear, feel the fun and flirting with your heart, and enjoy different sexy and beautiful.

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