The original god version of sexy underwear pictures

The original god version of sexy underwear pictures

Since its launch in September 2020, the original God has been setting off a whirlwind globally, becoming one of the hottest topics in the game industry at that time.The beautiful character image of the original god and various gorgeous clothing have attracted great attention among the majority of gamers.The sexy underwear attracted the attention of many players.This article will introduce some pictures of the original version of the sexy underwear to satisfy the curiosity of players.

The light of bright dawn

"The light of bright dawn" is the erotic underwear worn by the original god role Lisa.It can be seen from the picture that this sexy underwear uses black tone and gold decoration, making the whole underwear more luxurious and sexy.It is characterized by a sense of layering. The golden design on the upper part is very eye -catching, which makes people can’t help but look at it.The designs are cleverly designed. The combination of transparent lace mesh makes this sexy underwear sexy and cute.

Frost Snow Dance

"Frost Snow Dance" is a sexy underwear worn by the original god character.This erotic underwear is fresh and refined, with high -end transparent lace and ice blue tones. The exquisite three layers of lace and fresh colors complement each other.The unique design of this sexy underwear reflects the character of the Seven Seven characters, which is both playful and elegant, and has a good effect on her display.

Brilliant bubble

"Bright foam" is a sexy underwear worn by the original god Gan Yu.The foam and waves here are colorful and very romantic. The upper and lower underwear is a lace design of the petals, which depicts a fresh and elegant image of sweet rain.As a sexy underwear, its unique but unstoppable temperament is irresistible.

Xueyuan’s Virgin

"The Virgin of Xueyuan" is a sexy underwear worn by the character Fiene.The design of this sexy underwear is simpler and generous. The black tone with a white belt, the overall shape is clean and neat.The underwear is added with some golden decoration, which highlights the mystery and charm of the Fiene character.

Yaoshan’s red leaves

"The red leaves of Yashan" are sexy underwear worn by the original goddesshoda.The main color of this sexy underwear is red, and it uses high -grade soft lace material, making this sexy underwear sexy and noble.The upper and lower parts use lace fabrics, and a cute bow is added to the waist. The overall design is unique, which feels very sweet.

Brilliant stars

"Bright Star River" is a sexy underwear worn by the character piano.The entire underwear is spliced from red and transparent black lace. The fine details make this sexy underwear very visually impact.Lace fabrics are used on the underwear, and a gold jewelry is added to the waist to highlight the noble and dignified piano character.

Chaogu in the morning light

"The fog in the morning dawn" is the sexy underwear worn by the original goddesshtao.The main colors are blue and gray, with a soft retro atmosphere in elegance.The bow of the lower bows is on the belt of the waist, don’t have a mood.The top uses a high -grade lace material, highlighting the sweet temperament of the character, showing the elegance and nobleness of the eutrum character.

Person in the moon

"Person under the moon" is the erotic underwear wearing the original god, Diena.The combination of black lace and blue mesh fabric creates a mysterious and charming atmosphere.The black band in front of the underwear cleverly outlines the perfect figure and elegant temperament of Dina.The silver jewelry around the waist shows the luxury of this underwear.

Drifting on the ice

"Dancing on the ice" is the sexy underwear worn by the character Zhong Li.This sexy underwear is based on the eye -catching golden color, with red lace fabric, which is unique.The design of the upper chest is very clever, and the golden beads are connected to show the charm and nobleness of Zhongli characters.

Bright Starry Sky

"Bright Starry Sky" is a sexy underwear worn by the original god Barbara.This sexy underwear uses a combination of black and silver -colored design. The black lace and silver shining decoration make the whole underwear more brilliant.The hem of the underwear uses the fluttering transparent lace, which just shows Barbara’s sexy and beautiful.

in conclusion

From the above sexy underwear pictures, it can be seen that the sexy underwear in the original God not only boldly innovate in aesthetics, but also highlights the character charm of each character.The design of these underwear is unique and high -quality, which is worthy of admiration.If you are interested in sexy underwear, you can choose some favorite underwear in the game, or draw inspiration from it to design your own custom erotic underwear.

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