The process story of the process of buying sexy underwear

Shopping mall

I went to the mall with my girlfriend and saw a shop specializing in sexy underwear, and I was attracted.

Choice style

There are many different styles in the store, sexy, European and American, transparent, and some naughty. We don’t know which one to choose.


The clerk enthusiastically introduced the characteristics and applicable scenes of each underwear. After listening, we tried a few pieces, but we still didn’t find the one that was completely suitable for me.

Size problem

When trying to penetrate, we found that the size seems to have a problem. Although some styles look good, they are not comfortable to wear. It turned out that the size was wrong.

Material and fabric

The clerk also reminds us to pay attention to the material and fabric of the underwear, because we need to be comfortable to wear, and the quality of the underwear is more durable.

Price and quality

We found that the price of underwear is a bit high, but the clerk explained that the price of good sex underwear is often high but the quality is better. After all, this is a very sophisticated product.

add to the cart

After trial and selection, we finally decided to choose some underwear that we like and suits them, and join the shopping cart to check out.

Leave the shop

When we left the store, we were satisfied with this shopping, because this was a way to care for ourselves, and also added some fun to our lives.

experience feelings

After returning home, we put on new sexy underwear, which is really comfortable, and it feels particularly feminine.This shopping makes us feel more confident and understand our own personality.

Significance of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is not only an external decoration, but also an inner reflection and expression.It allows women to better understand themselves, but also make themselves more confident and sexy.

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