The Republic of China Sex Plasma

The Republic of China Sex Plasma

During the Republic of China, sexy underwear was not as popular as it is now, but there are also some historic styles.This article will introduce sexy underwear during the Republic of China to explore the development of China’s sexy underwear industry.

1. Origin

During the Republic of China, the production process of sexy underwear was relatively simple, mainly to use cotton, silk, silk and other materials for manual sewing.Due to the restrictions on the background of the times, sexy underwear is not the trend of the public, but that some rich ladies will occasionally buy it.

2. Style

During the Republic of China, sexy underwear was divided into two categories: one was imitating European and American sexy underwear, and the other was the sexy underwear of Chinese cheongsam models. These two types of styles have their own characteristics.

3. imitation European and American style

The imitation European and American sexy underwear appears mainly in the form of dress and camisole. It is often matched with jackets such as tulle dress, which reflects the fashion taste of Chinese noble women at that time.

4. Chinese cheongsam model

The sexy underwear of Chinese cheongsams mainly use elegant Chinese embroidery and pearl roads, as well as thin silk fabrics, which are very suitable for wearing in summer.This sexy underwear reflects the elegance and luxury of Chinese aesthetics, and is favored by the ladies.

5. Material

In the background of the social background at the time, selection of materials was also an important part of sexy underwear production.Today, the chemical fiber materials we are familiar with have not yet appeared, and natural materials such as cotton, silk, linen, linen, etc. were the main materials of sexy underwear at that time.

6. Jewelry

In sexy underwear during the Republic of China, jewelry also occupied a certain proportion.Some decorations such as tassels and embroidery that are added to sex underwear are not only beautiful and generous, but also can increase the color and texture of sexy underwear.

7. Modern development

With the development of the times, the production technology and materials of sexy underwear have also changed.Today, the materials are not limited to natural materials such as cotton and silk, but more are made of chemical fiber materials.

8. Summary

The production technology and aesthetic concepts of sexy underwear during the Republic of China were largely different from modernity. But now, as a special and private clothing, sexy underwear has become a popular item in the fashion industry and the mass market.EssenceWe look forward to the continued innovation and development of the future sex underwear industry, bringing people a better dressing experience.

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