Tmall always recommends sexy underwear

Behind Tmall sex underwear recommended

Open Tmall women’s underwear categories, and always find that there are a lot of sexy underwear in the recommendation position, which makes many customers feel confused.Today, let’s take a look at the reasons behind Tmall’s sexy underwear.

Market demand is increasing

In recent years, consumers have increased rapidly in the demand for sexy supplies such as sexy underwear, and their market development potential has been excavated.According to statistics, the size of the Chinese market is close to 30 billion yuan.And Tmall’s recommendation of sexy underwear is also based on market demand.

Embarrassing out is not convenient to buy

In addition to market demand, it is difficult for many consumers to buy sex products in physical stores.Facing the strange vision and embarrassing issues of salespersons, many people choose to retreat.The e -commerce platform provides a more private and convenient shopping environment.

Rich category

With the maturity of the sexy underwear market, categories and styles are increasing.As one of the world’s largest e -commerce platforms, Tmall brings together a large number of sexy underwear brands and styles, meets more needs of consumers, and also provides more choices and enhances competitiveness.

Increased brand recognition

At the same time, with the increasingly abundant category, more and more consumers have begun to recognize some sexy underwear brands and form a brand effect.As an e -commerce platform, Tmall can spread the brand image more directly and more effectively, and users can also choose products by evaluating and reputation.

The price is relatively affordable

Whether it is traditional underwear or sexy underwear, Tmall’s price is relatively more affordable than offline stores.In particular, marketing activities such as holiday promotion and limited time special offer have attracted the attention of many consumers.Therefore, many customers also choose to buy sexy underwear in Tmall.

User privacy is guaranteed

For some more private products, Tmall also has many policies and measures in privacy protection.For example, hidden packaging on the way to transport can more effectively protect users’ privacy.At the same time, Tmall has also established a complete set of quality guarantee and returns and exchanges, which is more convenient for users to deal with after -sales problems.

Brand authorization is more secure

Tmall’s sexy underwear brands are generally authorized. Users can rest assured to buy and also guarantee the brand’s rights.For the brand, it is also more conducive to selling sexy underwear through e -commerce and increasing the brand awareness and sales.

Summary and outlook

In short, the recommendation of Tmall’s sexy underwear is not only a channel to meet consumers’ demand for private products, but its strength also makes consumers more convenient to shop.As more and more brands enter the market, coupled with a good consumer experience, quality assurance and convenient services, the future sex underwear market will continue to develop rapidly.

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