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For female friends, how important is underwear?It is not just physical protection, but also the key to showing personal charm.Especially in love or marriage, some sexy underwear can make them more attractive.For you who are looking for sexy underwear, you may wish to look at the beautiful sexy underwear you collected for you!

Type 1: lace sexy underwear

Since the seventeenth century, lace has become an iconic fabric on women’s underwear.Most of the design of lace sexy underwear reflects the characteristics of delicate and soft, and it is more visually beautiful.Moreover, in terms of wearing comfort, lace sexy underwear is also very good.

Type 2: Perspective sexy underwear

Performing erotic underwear is a sought -after underwear in recent years.Its design is very special, which can not only reflect the charm and sexy of women, but also meet the needs of people who want to relax their emotions quickly.In addition, the use of see -through -sex lingerie accompanied by the use of mesh circles, crystals and other materials, it highlights its characteristics, which can be said to be a must -have for sexy women.

Type 3: Belly Bades Sex Underwear

Belly pista sexy underwear is usually called "lace corset", which is a relatively novel design in the sexy underwear market in recent years.The layout of the bellyband is relatively simple, that is, only the front chest part and the chest protection part.Because the style is simple and at the same time, it has a feeling of moving, so it gradually becomes the object of people’s willingness to try.

Type 4: Waist -up sexy underwear

The waist -shaking underwear is a combination of lace, velvet and other materials, which are very comfortable to wear to wear.At the same time, the waist sexy underwear can bulge the chest line, the proportion of the waistline, and even adjust the proportion of the body.On the whole, the waist sexy underwear is very close to the female body, and it can also bring many extra effects.

Type 5: Perfect and sexy jelly

Many women want to wear more comfortable and decent clothing when choosing underwear.The birth of personal and sexy underwear meets this demand.Its design is relatively simple, only the use of additional auxiliary materials such as thin silk, nails, etc. Overall, it is more personal and comfortable, and it is more beautiful and confident after putting on.

Type 6: Funny underwear

The vest and fun underwear uses a vest -like style.This type of underwear mainly supports the chest through different material support, and it is better to improve the chest lines easily and comfortably.Moreover, because the style of the vest underwear is relatively comprehensive and the matching ability is very strong, it can be easily matched whether a suspender or off -the -shoulder.

Type 7: Pajamas Sexy underwear

Pajamas erotic underwear adopts a relatively soft, thin, casual design, which is suitable for families to wear.Moreover, the details of the details also take into account the quality of sleep, so that you can have a more pleasant sleeping experience.

Type 8: Drah underwear suit

The same design style of the bras and underwear panties may reduce some design details, but in terms of supporting facilities, there are more possibilities, such as color, size, style, etc.When choosing a bras and underwear suits of the same brand, you don’t have to worry about the embarrassing things that are not matched and not colored.

Type 9: Accompanies sexy underwear

Accessories erotic underwear can be described as a "new star" product in recent years.It often mainly uses some earrings, boots and other additional decorations, which can make women more noble and sexy.At the same time, these accessories can also fill some monotonous underwear to make you more fashionable.

Type 10: Tibetan sexy underwear

The design of the hanging lingerie is very excellent.It is dominated by suspenders, which can not only make people feel comfortable, but also make the body more sexy.At the same time, the choice of internal materials for suspenders is also more flexible in the choice of internal materials. You can use silk with lace, knitted fabrics, and so on.

In general, Tmall beauty has a variety of sexy underwear, rich in choices, suitable for women with different figures.When choosing underwear, you must pay attention to the details, materials and other details, so as to make yourself beautiful and generous.

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