Tonglu Fairy Underwear Shop

brand introduction

Tonglu Fun underwear store is a brand specializing in sexy underwear. It is committed to providing consumers with high -quality, comfortable, and sexy sexy lingerie.Our underwear is diverse, including many types of beautiful women’s sexy lingerie, sexy lingerie, adult erotic lingerie, European and American sexy underwear and other types.

professional service

Our shop consists of professional sales consultants and professional testingrs. They will provide you with the most professional services and recommend and match according to your figure, needs, and preferences.Our purpose is to allow you to experience the best underwear effect while enjoying shopping.

Material explanation

Our erotic underwear is rich in fabrics and high -quality yarns. It is delicate, soft, comfortable, breathable, sterile, antibacterial is our characteristic, and your skin will be taken care of in the best materials.In addition, our exquisite hand -embroidered embroidery, diamonds, lace and other details of our underwear make each underwear unique.


Our shop offers a variety of sexy underwear. Our sales consultant will recommend the most suitable style for you according to your body and needs.Our adult’s interesting underwear is particularly sought after by the majority of men and women. It is sexy and elegant, so that your sexy is perfectly displayed.

Customized service

We also provide sexy lingerie custom services, you can customize any style of sexy underwear according to your own preferences and needs.Our fittest will be tailor -made for you to ensure the comfort and personal effect of underwear.At the same time, our customized price is also very reasonable, allowing you to get the love that is the most in line with you without spending too much.


Our shops often launch some preferential activities, such as full reduction, discounts, etc., making you more cost -effective when buying sexy underwear.We will also launch some theme underwear styles based on different festivals and occasions, allowing you to show your charm in unique days.

shopping experience

Our shop environment is comfortable and the atmosphere is good, so that you can get a pleasant experience in the process of shopping.At the same time, the facilities we provided are also very complete, allowing you to get a comprehensive intimate service.

After -sales service

Our store provides excellent after -sales service. If you have any unsatisfactory places or other issues to buy underwear, you can contact our after -sales customer service at any time.We will provide a variety of solutions such as return, replacement, and maintenance according to the situation.

Customer reputation

Our store has been well received by customers. They have highly evaluated our sexy underwear quality, underwear matching, sales consultant service, testinger service, and after -sales service.They believe that our fun underwear is not only beautiful, but also comfortable to wear, reliable quality, and high cost performance.

Brand Positioning

The Tonglu Fun Underwear Store aims to become a leader brand in the field of sexy underwear in China. It is committed to providing consumers with the highest quality, most comfortable, and sexy sexy lingerie, helping them to enhance self -confidence in the process of sex, enhance enjoyment and happiness.

In short, if you want to buy sexy and high -quality sexy underwear, Tonglu sex lingerie shop must be your best choice.

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