Training neighbors wearing sexy underwear


Interest underwear, as a product similar to ordinary underwear but has a more sexy design, is loved by the public.In the process of using sex underwear, people can express their sexy and interest more freely.As an expert in erotic underwear, I have rich experience and knowledge. Today, I will share with you how I can teach my neighbors to wear sex underwear.

Understand the needs of neighbors

Before helping neighbors to choose and put on sexy underwear, I first need to understand her needs and preferences.Therefore, when I talked with her, I asked her body shape, complexion, my favorite color and style, and the style she wanted to show.In this way, I can help her choose the sexy underwear that suits her best.

Choose a style according to the figure

It is important to choose a sexy underwear suitable for your body, so as to better highlight your advantages.After understanding, I found that my neighbor belonged to the duck egg body, the upper body was plump, and the lower body was relatively narrow.Therefore, I recommend some sexy underwear with body -shaping effects, which can better highlight her body advantage.

Choose a suitable color

The color of sexy underwear is also one of the important factors of choice. Different colors have different effects on different people.According to my experience, light -colored sexy underwear is suitable for fair skin, while dark -colored erotic underwear is suitable for people with darker skin.Therefore, I chose some light -colored sexy underwear for her neighbors, making her more sexy and beautiful after putting on.

Choose the right style

Everyone’s aesthetics and styles are different, so it is also important to choose a sexy lingerie style that suits them.My neighbor likes to have a strong sense of fashion underwear, so I recommend some new styles of sexy underwear for her. These underwear design and styles are very fashionable and in line with her preferences.

Pay attention to materials and fabrics

In addition to sexy underwear, sexy underwear also requires comfortable and personal feelings.Therefore, when choosing sexy underwear for neighbors, I also pay great attention to the quality of materials and fabrics.Good underwear materials and fabrics can make the underwear softer and comfortable, and better fit the body, making the wearer more confident and sexy.

Matching of accessories

The accessories of sexy underwear are also very important, which can make underwear more prominent and attractive.I chose some sets of sexy underwear for my neighbors. These underwear with matching socks and lace gloves make the overall effect more perfect.At the same time, these accessories can better highlight the quality and design of underwear.

Training of dressing skills

After choosing a suitable sexy underwear, you also need to wear and match the church neighbors correctly.I demonstrated to my neighbors how to wear and adjust the size of the underwear correctly to make the underwear more personal and comfortable.At the same time, I also taught some neighbors some matching skills, so that she could match her beauty and sexy.

Inspire self -expression

Choosing and wearing erotic underwear can make people better show self and express their inner desires.In the process of communicating and interacting with her neighbors, I also inspired her courage and confidence to express self and show her inner desire, so that she could be more confident and sexy when wearing sexy underwear.


Although choosing and wearing sexy underwear is a private experience, the correct choice and dressing can make people more confident and sexy, thereby bringing more happiness and happiness.Through the communication and interaction between my neighbors, I also found that I have deeper interpersonal communication and emotional communication skills, which is inseparable from my identity as a sexy underwear expert.

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