Uenhara Yaosi Intellectual Underwear Human Body

Uenhara Yaosi Intellectual Underwear Human Body


Uenhara AV, Japanese AV actress, and also the spokesperson for many sexy underwear brands.Her figure is graceful and her pleasant and confident temperament has become the best model of sexy underwear.

Sexy lingerie

Sexual emotional interesting underwear is based on black and red as the main color. It uses lace, hollow, stockings and other designs to highlight the sexy charm of women.The endorsement of Uenhara Yai’s sexy underwear often chooses a dark color series to make her sexy.

Fresh sex love underwear

Fresh sex love underwear is the name implies, which uses fresh colors and simple design to show sexy.The use of perspective, small bow and other elements in design brings a sweet feeling.This kind of sexy underwear endorsed by Uehara Yaoshi is often mainly pink, white and other fresh tones.

Sexy beach skirt

Sexy beach skirt is an overall underwear. The hem is the design of long skirts. Performance and hollow are common elements.This kind of sexy underwear endorsed by Uehara Yaoshi is very suitable for dresses during vacation, making women more attractive.

Tibetan sexy underwear

The design of the camisole underwear uses the design of the camisole to enhance the female chest lines and make the figure more beautiful.When Uenhara Yaoshi’s endorsement of sexy underwear, he often wore this style to interpret the charming atmosphere.

Gorgeous back sexy underwear

The spectacular back of sexy underwear is unscrupulously split into several parts in the design to form a complex geometric curve.This design not only highlights the beautiful back lines of women, but also fully shows the sexy charm of women.Uenhara clothing often wore this style in various large -scale sexy lingerie display, grabbing the eye.

Seduced bellyband sexy underwear

The seductive bellyband sexy underwear is mainly made of lace, satin, etc., and the belly button can be seen directly.Uenhara Yisai is often pairing with sexy lace bras when endorsing underwear, exposing a fair waist, which makes people look bright.

Youya sexy underwear

The design of the elegant erotic underwear is simpler than the fresh sexy underwear, and the color is mostly gray and white.This style is very suitable for women who focus on restrained but not elegant style.In the endorsement of Uehara Aya, there are many styles in this style.

European and American style dirt

European and American style underwear is known for its irregular design and unique impact.It shows an atmosphere of independence, freedom, fashion, and avant -garde.The European and American style of the European and American favorable underwear in Uenhara especially highlights this atmosphere.

Liberated sexy underwear

The liberation of sexy underwear will minimize the feeling of restraint, so that the body has as free as possible.When Uenhara Yaoshi endorses such sex underwear, it often chooses light and soft materials to make the lower body more attractive.


As a sexy underwear model, Uenhara Yaoshi shows the sexy underwear to the fullest. Whether it is sexy, fresh, elegant or perspective, she is performed vividly.Her endorsement makes people look forward to new expectations of sexy underwear. I hope that the design of sexy underwear can more meet the needs of women, making women more confident and attractive!

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