Ultra -sexy underwear picture real open crotch

Ultra -sexy underwear picture real open crotch

As a fashionable cultural form, sexy underwear not only provides women with a sexy dressing experience, but also expresses a attitude of gender freedom and self -aesthetic.Among them, super -exposed lingerie styles have attracted much attention in the underwear market because of their special design and sexy style.This article will introduce some super -exposed underwear and its characteristics, as well as how to correctly choose and match these underwear.

1. Transparent material

The first feature of ultra -loose -loving underwear is that transparent and thin materials are selected.Such a design can better show the body’s body curve and strengthen the sexy effect.For those beautiful and confident women, this combination can also show their courage and bold.

Second, ultra -open crotch design

The open crotch design is a sign of super -exposed lingerie. Through deliberate cutting, the underwear has become particularly sexy and sloppy.Of course, this design requires women to wear a certain courage and confidence, but if you choose and match through underwear, you can still achieve a very comfortable and sexy effect.

Three, lace

As a symbol of a sexy woman, lace is already a representative of women’s underwear.Ultra -sexy underwear has strengthened this characteristic, incorporating the exquisite and sexy atmosphere of lace into each underwear.

Fourth, suspender

The design of the suspender fully shows the sexy and feminine of women. It can decorate the charming and coquettishness of women. It is an indispensable part of super -exposed underwear.Different colors and styles of suspenders are matched with different effects underwear. With slender high heels, we must have excellent performance.

Five, low -cut style

The low -cut design is liked by many men, and it is also a manifestation of women’s confidence and sharing.This is a very good choice for women who value chest lines and curves and want a super -exposed underwear at the same time.

Six, smooth fabric

Ultra -dewer underwear is not the only material of lace. Sometimes choosing a bright and smooth fabric can also achieve a beautiful effect.The impact of different fabrics on the body is different. It is recommended that women choose the fabric that suits them according to personal preferences and physical curves.

Seven, fish nets

Fish net underwear is also a classic element in ultra -looser underwear.The special material of fish nets can fully show the curve of the body. At the same time, its special density can increase the underwear to increase the sense of mystery, and the effect of the matching is very outstanding.

8. Suitable for you

Finally, you must pay attention to your body and personality when buying super -exposed underwear, and choose the style and match that suits you.Underwear should be comfortable and breathable, and at the same time, it should not violate women’s aesthetics and fashion sense.


Ultra -dewer underwear is an important part of a sexy culture that shows women’s self -confidence and freedom. By choosing a style and correct matching, women can show the most unique and beautiful side.I believe that when women put on their favorite super -looser underwear, they will become more confident, confident and beautiful women.

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