Various conjoined stalls sexy underwear

Various conjoined stalls sexy underwear

With the change of fashion trends, sexy underwear has become more and more necessary for people to pursue beauty and sexy.Among them, the conjoined erotic underwear has been loved by many people with its unique design style and rich style.So, which types of conjoined stalls are open -stalls?

1. Vest -type conjoined stall sexy underwear

This erotic underwear uses a vest design, the upper part is a vest, the lower part is a conjoined shorts, and the crotch is designed with open crotch.Because the vest conjoined sexy lingerie is convenient and comfortable to wear, it is very suitable for night sleep, spa, or sexy activities.

2. Long -sleeved conjoined stall sex underwear

Long -sleeved connective sexy underwear is usually equipped with elements such as hollow lace, perspective mesh to create an elegant noble atmosphere.In addition, the long -sleeved design can block the arm, making the wearer look more slender.

3. The whole body hollow conjoined stall sex underwear

The full -body hollow conjoined sexy underwear is usually composed of fine high heels and open crotch shorts, while the chest and waist are decorated with hollow lace.This design is full of changes, false delusions, and beautiful beauty, and it is very suitable for the needs of bold, sexy, and modern women.

4. Hollow lace conjoined stall sexy underwear

The main feature of this sexy underwear is that the hollow lace fabric is designed with many different patterns.Some have the opportunity to wear a see -through mesh jacket to participate in the design of the party at night, and some are suitable for spending a romantic night at home at night.

5. Hollow hanging neck conjoined in sex underwear

The design of the hanging neck conjoined sexy underwear is very in line with the aesthetic needs of modern women. It is not only beautiful and generous, but also has a strong sexy atmosphere.With perspective mesh fabrics, you will make you more extraordinary in party or interesting activities.


The water droplet neck -type connective open -crotch lingerie is very similar to the sexy underwear in the hanging neck conjoined, but its color and design are more diverse.Specifies can be matched according to personal taste.This sexy underwear is particularly suitable for retaliation or other sex activities.

7. Small cup hollow conjoined stall sexy underwear

This sexy underwear is especially suitable for women with small breasts.The hollow lace fabric is used, and the hollow lace is designed in the chest and waist.It is suitable for participating in bars, gatherings or other fun activities, bringing you the brighter visual effects.


Low -cut hollow conjoined stalls The lace parts of the chest and waist are performed by the lace part of the chest and waist.The low -cut design can not only show the beautiful curve of women, but also leave more imagination space, which is very suitable for women with unrestrained temperament.

9. Sexy mesh Eye Conjunction Falling Inner Underwear

Sexy mesh -eye -based open -stalls The sexy underwear adopts a combination of lace and mesh eyes, which can effectively present a sexy and noble temperament, and it will not be too exposed.It is very suitable for women who are a little scared and do not like to expose them too much; let you also easily release your sexy emotions.


This artificial leather -linked crotch and sexy underwear uses a hollow design, allowing the wearer to maintain a noble and sexy choice while maintaining noble and sexy.It is suitable for the intimacy of the night or a pleasant night, and it will be moving and admirable to wear it.


It can be seen from the above analysis that different types of conjoined stalls have their own characteristics in design and concepts.When you want to choose a conjoined open -stall sex underwear, you may wish to choose according to your personal preferences and the needs of the occasion.With a personality, a sense of technology, choosing your own style of sexy underwear can highlight your unique sexy feeling and exude your special personality light.

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