Wait for sex underwear and wear it without washing

Wait for sex underwear and wear it without washing

Interest underwear is considered a dress that can increase interest and sexy. Many people wear sexy underwear when wearing sexy underwear.There is actually a certain risk of this seemingly inadvertent behavior, and the following will be specifically analyzed.

1. Why do you need to wash and make a messy sheet

The fabrics and design of the sexy underwear focus on sexy and comfortable, but because the position is exposed, such as chest, hips, underarms, etc., it is easy to be polluted by sweat, oil, bacteria, dust and other substances.If these substances are not cleared in time, they will breed bacteria and cause skin problems such as itching and allergies.

2. Washing method of sexy underwear

The method of washing sex underwear is similar to ordinary underwear, but pay attention to details.First, wash separately, do not wash with other clothes.Secondly, the neutral detergent should be used, and it is not recommended to use a bleach.Finally, pay attention to water temperature, do not use too hot water.

3. Frequent washing will affect the life of sexy underwear

Frequent washing can damage the material of the sexy underwear, such as reduced elasticity of elastic fibers, hardening fabrics, and so on.Therefore, it is recommended to wash it the next day after passing the sweat or use.

4. The method of drying the sexy underwear after washing

If sexy underwear needs to be washed, it is recommended not to dehydrate to avoid losing elasticity or damage to fabrics.Do not expose it directly when drying it. It is best to dry the indoor ventilation.If you need to wear it urgently, you can also iron it with low temperature, but it is not recommended to dry it at high temperature.

5. The risk of wearing an unwavering sex underwear

Wearing an unwahering underwear may cause problems such as skin allergies, privacy, and vaginal infections.In particular, people with sexually transmitted diseases and mold infections are more likely to be infected with unwavering erotic underwear, so it is not recommended to wear unsyllicing sexy underwear.

6. Selection and wear of sexy underwear

There are many different styles and materials in erotic underwear, and everyone’s dress feels different.Based on personal experience and comfort, it is recommended to choose carefully in size, fabrics, fabrics, etc.

7. Be cautious for purchasing sexy underwear

When buying sexy underwear, choose regular channels to buy to avoid buying fake and shoddy products.In addition, it is worth noting that once the seal has been opened, the return needs to be carefully considered.

8. Summary

The method of washing sex underwear is similar to ordinary underwear, but pay attention to details.Wearing an unwavering underwear may cause a series of health problems, so it is not recommended to do this.Pay attention to choice and matching in sexy underwear. Generally speaking, there are a lot of interesting underwear. Understanding these details can make it truly addicted to our lives.

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