Wandering up in the Secretary of the Secretary

Wandering up in the Secretary of the Secretary

The first time I visit the Wet Lingerie Shop

Recently, I went to a sex underwear shop with my secretary Christina, which was the first time I went to such a shop.As a man, you still feel a little cramped into such a place.However, soon I felt that such a shop was not so terrible.

Different types of sexy underwear

This shop has a variety of sexy lingerie, including beautiful women’s sexy underwear, sexy lingerie, adult sex lingerie, European and American sex lingerie and other styles.This surprised me, because I imagined only one type of sexy underwear.In addition, the clerk tells us that different types of sexy underwear are suitable for different body shapes and occasions, which sounds useful.

How to choose styles and sizes

Because it was the first time I went to the sex underwear shop, I was confused about how to choose styles and sizes.The clerk told us that when choosing a style, we should consider the occasion and personal style.When selecting the size, pay attention to the size of the size and try to penetrate multiple models as much as possible to ensure comfortable wear.

Guess the surprise of the figure

When Kristina and I browsed all kinds of sexy underwear, the clerk came to us and told us how much we think of our size.I am very surprised because she did not make us tailor -size at all, but her guess was very accurate.This reminds me of even if I have no tailor -made size, sexy underwear can increase my charm index.

The specific difference between pink and purple

When we browse sexy underwear of different colors, the clerk told us that pink and purple sexy underwear had different effects.Pink sexy underwear is usually considered sexy and cute, while the purple erotic underwear is considered enchanting and mysterious.This is a very interesting difference, and it also makes me realize the importance of color.

Suitable for sexy underwear on different occasions

When we asked the clerk, she showed us sexy underwear suitable for different occasions.We found that the sex and design suitable for different occasions are very different.For example, sexy underwear suitable for party may be bold and gorgeous, and sexy underwear suitable for bedrooms may be simpler and comfortable.

Choice of bras, underwear and accessories

In addition to sexy underwear, the store also sells various bras, underwear and accessories.The clerk showed us different types of underwear and bras, let us understand that we need to consider our own shape and personal style when choosing.In addition, accessories such as stockings and high -rooted shoes can make the entire shape more perfect.

Shopping experience of different gender

My secretary and I have different shopping experiences, which makes me realize that different gender will have different needs when buying sexy underwear.For me, what makes me feel the most uncomfortable is that after entering the store, I immediately tried to avoid my eyes.However, Christina seemed very confident and strolled all kinds of sexy underwear in the shop.

Reflection after shopping

When Kristina and I left the sexy underwear shop, I reflected my shopping experience.Although I was still a little uneasy about entering such a place, when I understood the style classification, color effects and accessories selection of sexy lingerie, I found that admission to trying to try such an experience is a very worthy decision.


The experience of walking in the interesting underwear store with the secretary is unforgettable.I deeply understand the sexy underwear of different types, styles and colors, and realize how to choose the right bra, panties, accessories, and accessories.For everyone who wants to improve the charm index, sexy underwear shops are a very good choice.

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