Washing underwear

Washing underwear

In daily life, a necessity that is proud of is sexy underwear.However, many people do not know how to clean up sexy underwear correctly.The method of wrong cleaning will not only reduce the quality of sexy underwear, but even damage their materials.In this article, we will discuss how to clean up sexy underwear correctly to avoid irreversible damage.

Choose the right cleaning method

The correct cleaning method is often different from the situation.Before cleaning up sexy underwear, we should first understand their materials and handmade manufacturing methods.Some erotic underwear requires hand washing, while others are referred to machine washing.Therefore, when choosing a cleaning method, make sure you understand their materials and production technology.

Steps to wash sex underwear in hand

For sexy underwear made of wool, silk, and other delicate materials, hand washing may be the best choice.Here are the steps to wash the sexy underwear correctly:

1. Select a gentle and soft detergent to mix it with warm water.

2. Soak the sexy underwear for at least 5 minutes.

3. Gently rub and rinse with water.

4. Squeeze the water out of the underwear and spread it flat.

Skills of scrubbing sex underwear

For cotton erotic underwear or other machine -washing sexy underwear, machine washing may be the most suitable choice.The following is the technique of cleaning the sexy underwear correctly:

1. Use mild and soft detergent.

2. Use the color of clothes to wash separately before removing breathing difficulties.

3. Use gentle detergent and select the appropriate cleaning mode, such as "soft" or "soft".

4. Dry the underwear at low temperature or dry naturally.

The choice of material affecting cleaning method

Sex underwear is usually made of various materials.The most common materials include silk, lace, cotton, synthetic fiber and velvet.Different materials have different needs for cleaning methods.

The choice of detergent is essential for sexy underwear.

When selecting detergents, we should avoid using strong alkaline and excessive cleaning agents.Strong acid detergents will weaken the elasticity of sexy underwear and cause the material to deform.Instead, we can choose some mild or special detergents designed for sexy underwear.

Frequency of cleaning underwear

Sex underwear is adhesive to sweat and body fluid, and we should clean them frequently.Under normal circumstances, the sexy underwear is cleaned after every time it is worn.This reduces bacterial growth and extend the life of sexy underwear.

The correct way to dry the sexy underwear

The correct drying method can prevent sexy underwear from deforming and fading.In the sexy underwear on the drying rack, it is best to turn the underwear to the outside, which can reduce the impact of suspension on underwear.If you care about the shape of the sexy underwear, we can put a towel in the middle of the underwear in order to absorb excess water and maintain the shape of the sexy underwear.

In short, no matter which kind of cleaning method you choose, it is very important to clean the sexy lingerie correctly.When cleaning, you should follow the correct steps, pay attention to the details of the material, and choose the appropriate detergent.Finally, pay attention to the natural drying process to prevent the deformation and fading of sexy underwear.

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