Waste clothing for sexy sheets

Old clothes: a creative sexy lingerie material

Nowadays, sexy underwear is a highly concerned topic.Many people want to exude sexy charm and wear tailor -made underwear and pajamas.However, these high -quality sexy underwear is not cheap, and some people are even unbearable.So how can we have a set of underwear at a cheaper price?This requires you to have some creativity and do it yourself.This article will introduce how to make sexy underwear with old clothes.

Material selection

First of all, the old clothes need to be prepared.Choosing the right old clothes is the first step in success. It is best not to choose too old clothes.Of course, be sure to ensure that they have enough elasticity and softness.In addition, you can feel it with your palms. Look at the softness and breathability of the material. Don’t choose old clothes that are too rough or worn.

Production process

The first step is to prepare all the tools, including scissors, needle lines, and attachments to choose old clothes.For example, the lace made of relatively hard silk can strengthen the visual effect of sexy underwear.First of all, you need to measure your bust and waist circumference, which will ensure that your sexy lingerie is sticked without looseness.You can go to the Internet to download some related templates, cut the shape according to the template, or use it freely according to your own needs.

Design your underwear

Since you want a personalized sexy underwear, you need to design a style you like.In this way, you can fully show your charm.You can add various forms of decoration to underwear.Make your imagination freely.

Appropriate color

Color is the key to sexy underwear.Black is very popular because it looks sexy and charming.If you are a beginner, you can start with simple colors such as black, pink, red or blue.Color is your personal choice. You can fill the color of the underwear or add several decorative decorations.

Correct length and width

When making sexy underwear, it is also very important to pay attention to length and width.Insufficient length will cause the breasts to be cold, and the length is too long and it will easily slip.If the width is too width, the chest will not be tightly wrapped. On the contrary, the width is too narrow. It will feel very sultry when the time is long, so pay attention to the appropriate length and width.

size selection

To determine your size, measure the shoulder width after taking the bust and waist circumference, I believe it is easy to do.If the sexy lingerie you make is a bit uncomfortable, you can add mortgage to your underwear at any time. Lace, beads or little comrades are a good choice.

Exquisite details

Is the overall feeling of the underwear perfect?Don’t forget the best details.Good details can improve the visual effect of sexy underwear.You can add various elements, such as lace, flowers, beads or ribbons.This makes your sexy underwear more attractive.

Regularly clean

The last suggestion is to clean your own sexy underwear on a regular basis.This will ensure that they continue to be glorious and can also maintain your hygiene.More importantly, if you often clean them, you can take it for a long time.

in conclusion

Through this article, you should now understand how to make sexy underwear with old clothes.This is actually a way to save resources, and it is also very interesting.The sexy underwear made by yourself is unique, practical, and can show your sexy charm. What are you waiting for?

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