Wear sex underwear and boyfriend in various postures

Wear sex underwear and boyfriend in various postures

Interest underwear is a tool to increase sexy and sexy. For couples in love, it has many attractive advantages.After wearing a sexy underwear, a series of posture also follows the mind. This article will introduce various postures that can be tried when wearing sexy underwear.

1. Sit on my boyfriend (sitting)

This is especially suitable for girls when wearing sexy underwear. Girls can face his boyfriend sitting on him and holding her boyfriend with their arms.And her boyfriend can also touch her girlfriend’s body and enjoy this sense of intimacy.

2. Lie on the sideways of your girlfriend, the boyfriend leaned over a slightly focused watch (lying on the side)

In this posture, the girl is lying on the side, allowing her boyfriend to lean down on her side, and her boyfriend can appreciate the beauty of women’s body lines.Girls can also show her body curve, giving her boyfriend a visual enjoyment.

3. Men and women are lying on the side, girlfriend’s legs make my brother (lying on the side)

In this posture, you can see that men and women are lying on the sideways. The girl’s legs are covered on her boyfriend, so that her boyfriend can see the sexy effect brought by the sexy underwear more clearly.At the same time, this posture has also increased physical contact between men and women, and the intimate emotions between each other have also been improved.

4. The posture of leaning and stroking (standing)

This posture is suitable for the experience between couples. Girlfriend can stand. Boyfriend stands behind her, touch her girlfriend’s body with her hands, and enjoy the thrill of physical contact.The effect of this posture when wearing a sexy underwear is particularly obvious.

5. Back against her boyfriend (stood standing)

This posture is suitable for the woman just wants to experience the sexy sexy underwear, and does not want too much physical contact.In this posture, the woman can lean back to her boyfriend and let her boyfriend appreciate her body line.Women can move slightly back, so that her boyfriend can truly feel the sexy touch of the body.

6. teasing on the sofa (sofa)

The sofa is a place where couples like to use very much.In this posture, his girlfriend can sit on the sofa, let her boyfriend stand in front of her, and then girls can curiously explore the sexy underwear on her boyfriend and increase the intimacy between the body.

7. Men and women’s limbs side by side, girlfriend locks his brother (naked eye)

In this posture, men and women’s limbs are side by side. Girlfriends use their legs to hug her boyfriend’s body to make this posture more intimate.This posture can not only let her boyfriend appreciate the sexy effect of sexy underwear, but also makes the girlfriend feel a sense of security.

8. Lie on the bed (lying on your back)

In this posture, the girl was lying on the bed, and then let her boyfriend lie in front of her.Girlfriend can show the effect of wearing a sexy underwear, and her boyfriend can also enjoy this visual sexy sublimation.

The above is the various poses that can be tried when wearing sexy underwear.Of course, the choice of these postures needs to be decided according to the actual situation between couples, and it is not suitable for the first love to try too intense posture.It is recommended that all couples ensure the security of both parties during the experience and maintain their physical distance reasonably.

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