Wearing a sex lingerie and being spanking


When it comes to erotic underwear, people often think of a romantic scene that is accelerated.Maybe you will imagine that you are wearing sexy underwear by lover on the bed and enjoy the feeling of being loved. However, wearing erotic underwear is not only to make people more charming, but it also has more effects.Wearing a sexy underwear can also bring some surprises, such as being spanked by lover.Maybe you did not hear it wrong, buttocks, which has amazing changes in modern times.


Let’s look back at history, and the vaginal consciousness originated from the health and beauty of the above -mentioned sexual consciousness.At that time, the ass was regarded as a punitive behavior, which was used to punish people who made mistakes.However, over time, people find that spanking can be a punishment, and it can also be used as a way to express love.Later, this technique was also used in sexy underwear, which can bring more fun and excitement.


Sometimes spanking can bring psychological satisfaction. It can be a more close proof of the relationship between lovers. Let the butt be beaten, which may make some people feel humiliated and shame, but this can also be solved in front of sexy underwear and camera.question.

Props choice

If you intend to use the technique of spanking in sex, then a good prop is essential.The general use of spanking has leather whip, wooden board, feather fan, etc.

Technical guidance

Tips are the focus of spanking.First of all, with palm is a feasible method, but you must master the strength, not too light or too heavy.In addition, the palms are easy to make the butt red, and how long the buttocks must be taken in use will produce erythema.

safety warning

Although there are many different forms of spanking skills due to different personal preferences and activity, security issues are very important.Before the buttocks, be sure to make sure that there are no physical wounds or bruises, etc., and the ass spanking will not cause any physical and spiritual damage when open and happy.


After playing the butt, massage is essential.This is not only to relax the body, but also to balance the adjustment of internal energy and ensure that the entire process is complete. This is also a solution that many people like.


No matter in any case, it should not be used to touch the restricted area by mistake.When any questions or troubles, you must communicate with relevant persons in time. If you need it, you can also seek professional doctors to suggest and treat.

Good communication

Finally, the practitioners reminded that although the buttocks in sex will not affect health, they still need to consider from two aspects.Before using this technology, you need to ensure full communication and understanding with your lover, and listen carefully to the needs and concerns of both parties in order to create a more harmonious and better environment for the fun of the vagina.

in conclusion

Use spanking skills in sex. If you use proper use, you can get good results.It can enhance emotional connections and bring us a beautiful sex experience.However, before using this technology, we need to ensure full communication and understanding of both aspects so that we can enjoy the true sex.

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