Wearing sexy underwear is very wet

Wearing sexy underwear is very wet

Sexy underwear is a favorite fashion clothing that many young women today. It can add women’s charm and enhance self -confidence. However, some women feel that they are wet after wearing fun underwear. What are the causes of this situation and how to prevent it?

Material will affect humidity

The material of sexy underwear is usually lace, silk, cotton, etc.Among them, pure cotton may be the most breathable and humid material, but in the hot summer, cotton underwear can also produce moisture.Therefore, in the summer, you may choose to wear thin and tough silk erotic underwear.

Inappropriate size is the culprit

I believe that everyone has encountered sexy underwear with inappropriate sizes, which will not only affect the wear experience, but also cause moisture.If the sexy underwear is too large, not only will the upper -level material float, but also increase local moisture.And small sexy underwear will form a lot of surplus, local skin becomes anxious and easily leads to moisture.Choosing sexy underwear suitable for you is an important factor in avoiding moisture.

Poor breathability

Underwear with poor breathability often makes people sweat and it is difficult to avoid moisture.Sister sisters should pay attention to the material when choosing sexy underwear. The same lace fabrics, some will sweat a lot, and some will not.Here, it is recommended to choose sexy underwear with better breathability, and at the same time, wearing in a ventilated and dry environment.

Don’t rely too much on underwriting pads

Some erotic underwear will insert some underwear pads. Do n’t rely on them too much. This kind of underwear pads only play a decorative role, which will increase the production of moisture.Even if wearing a sexy underwear without pads, as long as the size is suitable, it can shape the effect well.

Pay more attention to hygiene issues

While wearing sex underwear, you must also pay attention to hygiene issues, especially personal sex underwear should be replaced and cleaned every day.Try not to wear underwear to sleep, or too tight sexy underwear to maintain the local environment.

Temperature will affect humidity

After lying down, the body temperature rises, the hormone secretion increases, and the skin will release sweat.Therefore, when lying down, the sexy underwear should not be too tight. You must choose a sexy underwear with better breathability in order to allow the sweat to emit out in time.

High calories are easy to sweat

Summer is hot, and high calories are easy to sweat. If you are a younger sister who is easy to sweat, try to avoid wearing cotton underwear. Choose a more suitable breathability, lighter weight, and dryness in summer.

Incantant sexy underwear material

Relatives, friends and colleagues know that cotton is a material with better breathability, but many sexy underwear is not suitable for pure cotton. You can only choose lace fabrics, satin fabrics, etc. Although this kind of fabric will be more breathable and comfortable, butRelatively speaking, it is easy to make people feel wet and more likely to wear sweat than pure cotton underwear.For this kind of sexy underwear, it is recommended that younger sisters strengthen hygiene cleaning, pay attention to the ventilation of clothing, and avoid the discomfort caused by local humidity and impermeability.

in conclusion

Of course, in addition to the above suggestions, there are many tips that can be followed, such as paying attention to eating habits to make your physique healthier, exercise more, and enhance your physique.EssenceEspecially for female friends such as menstrual pain and breast hyperplasia, special attention should be paid to avoid superstition and negligence, so that women’s bodies can be better guaranteed.

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