What are the three -piece set of sexy underwear?


Interest underwear is no longer synonymous with privacy and shame, and more and more women have begun to try more interesting things in private life.In addition to conventional private clothes, sexy underwear has developed to multiple styles and multi -functional stages.Among them, thirteen sets of sets are the most representative of sexy underwear, which generally include twelve sex clothing and one guidance.

The first one: sexy lingerie set

Interesting underwear suits generally include earmuffs, eye masks, masks, bras, underwear, socks, gloves, leather whip, handcuffs, ankles, milk clips, teddy bear clothes, etc.For those who try to find sexy underwear for the first time, the suit will be a good choice, and one -stop purchase will be more convenient.

Second piece: perspective sexy underwear

Performing erotic underwear uses transparent or mesh fabrics, which can effectively show the seductive lines of women’s bodies.Perspective erotic underwear is divided into diverse styles, such as perspective bra, perspective lace dresses, perspective jumpsuits, etc.

Third one: Fun underwear cat woman set

Sexy underwear cat women’s suits have always been the best choice for sex underwear enthusiasts.Including cat women’s clothes, ears, tails, gloves and socks.Women wearing cats and women show especially sexy, wild and charming.

Fourth piece: SM sexy underwear suit

If you want to try sexy underwear further, then the SM sex lingerie suit is a good recommendation.This kind of sexy underwear is high -intensity stimulus, color is generally red, black, etc., generally includes handcuffs, restraint bands, mouthball, cat claws, whip, sofa bed, etc.

Fifth piece: open file sex lingerie set

Open sexy underwear set refers to setting up sexy underwear of opening or open crotch in key parts, which helps improve the pleasure of sexy underwear.At the same time, the fun underwear suits are mainly based on lace, silk and other materials.

Sixth piece: kimono sex lingerie set

Kimono’s sexy underwear suit is a model that combines Oriental culture and sexy underwear.This type of design usually includes the loose characteristics of Japanese kimono, printing patterns, etc., and at the same time blended with sex elements.Kimono -Sweetwear Underwear Set is often made of comfortable fabrics such as silk, satin.

Seventh piece: sexy lingerie revealing suit

Back -back sex lingerie set has always been welcomed by women with sexy characteristics.This kind of sexy underwear is designed on the back and neck to use the back -back design, which fully shows the charm of women.At the same time, it is divided into a variety of types such as open -back bra, back -back dresses, and back -back lace underwear.

Eighth: High -waist sexy underwear set

For women who want to show high waist lines, high -waisted sex underwear suits are the best choice.This kind of sexy underwear design can better define women’s figure curves and show charming charm.

Ninth item: Sexuality Fun underwear Set

Sexual feelings are one of the most common sexy lingerie styles.There are many specific styles, and the most popular women are split sexy underwear, sexy suspenders, etc., which are mainly design.

Tenth piece: Fun bellyband set

The sexual bellyband suit is a choice suitable for those who are passive.This type of design usually uses seductive low -cut temptation, excellent feel, lace stitching, etc. to show the weak side of women.

Eleventh one: sexy underwear body clothing

Interest underwear shaping has not only a classic body shaping effect, but also has sexy and fashionable elements.Such designs usually use fabrics such as pearl yarns, grids to help women shape the perfect body curve.

Twelfth piece: sexy underwear tight pants

Sexy underwear tight pants usually include T -shaped pants, thong pants and other styles.This kind of sexy underwear design is suitable for women with thin body and beautiful lines, and a slightly plump female inventory is insufficient.

The thirteenth: use guidance

In addition to the above twelve sexy underwear, women who are interested can choose a guidelines to effectively improve women’s understanding of sexy underwear, so as to better choose sexy underwear that suits them.


There are many types of sexy underwear. You should choose a sexy underwear that suits you, which not only helps to increase the interest and fun of life, but also improve your self -confidence in interpersonal communication.While choosing to buy sexy underwear, we should also pay attention to quality and safety issues to protect our health.

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