What do boyfriends send fun underwear and what

What does a boyfriend send interest underwear and what?

As a special costume, sexy underwear can bring people an unusual experience.My boyfriend sends sexy underwear, so what details need to be paid to in addition to sexy underwear?The following will come one by one.

1. You need to check before sending sexy underwear

Many sexy underwear is made of special materials, and these materials may be sensitive to human body. If they are not tested, they may have a bad impact on the human body.Therefore, before sending erotic underwear, be sure to check whether the composition of these sexy underwear violates relevant regulations to avoid physical adverse effects on the recipient.

2. confidentiality is important

Boyfriend sends sexy underwear to his girlfriend, often hopes that this gift is only amazing to his girlfriend’s eyes without being noticed by others.Therefore, before sending erotic underwear, you must carefully read the confidentiality terms of the courier company, and indicate the words "private items" and other words on the packaging to protect privacy, which can also make gifts more mysterious.

3. Safety arrival is the first consideration

Interest underwear is a relatively personal item, and the possibility of secondary sales is not very high, but if it is leaked or other problems during the delivery process, it may bring embarrassment and inconvenience to the receiver.Therefore, to ensure that the sexy underwear arrives safely, choose a reliable courier company, and at the same time strengthen protection measures on packaging to reduce the possibility of damage during transportation.

4. You may need to be attached to sex products

Some sexy underwear may be equipped with corresponding sex products, which can make the entire experience more complete.Therefore, when sending erotic underwear, you need to pay attention to whether you need to attach the corresponding sex products, so that your girlfriend can be more excited when receiving the gift.

5. Pay attention to the size

The size of sexy underwear is often different from ordinary clothing. You need to choose the appropriate size according to actual needs.Therefore, when sending sexy underwear, you must pay attention to the actual body of your girlfriend and choose the appropriate size.Otherwise, it will not only affect the girlfriend’s experience, but also cause an embarrassing situation.

6. Brands and styles need to be considered

The choice of the brand and style of sexy underwear is very important. Different brands and styles have different characteristics and styles.Therefore, when sending sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the long -term style and preference of your girlfriend, and choose a brand and style that meets both his girlfriend’s taste and can highlight your taste.

7. Need a gift box

Interest underwear is a special gift, which requires a special gift box to appear.Therefore, when sending erotic underwear, you need to pay attention to whether there is a suitable gift box to increase the sense of high -level and delicateness of the gift.

8. Don’t store it in a prominent position

Sometimes it is easy to cause unnecessary misunderstandings and ordinary underwear in the same place.Therefore, when storing sex underwear, you must put it in a hidden place to avoid unnecessary guessing and embarrassment.

9. Give your girlfriend enough free space

Sexy underwear is a more personal item that needs to be given enough private space for girlfriends.Therefore, when sending love underwear, she needs to respect her girlfriend’s wishes and give her enough free space to deal with this problem.

10. Summary

My boyfriend sends sexy underwear. In addition to paying attention to the quality of the sexy underwear itself, many other details need to be taken into account, such as packaging and confidentiality issues, the choice of courier companies, and the figure of girlfriends and personal preferences.Only by comprehensive considerations can gifts be presented better and brings unusual experiences.

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