What brand of clothes are there in sex underwear stores

What brand of clothes are there in sex underwear stores

Interest underwear has become a part of modern life. Many people no longer just buy underwear for basic functions, but hope to get better sexual orientation and enjoyment.Various styles and brand sexy underwear are endless in the market.What brands of clothes are there in sexy underwear stores?Here we will introduce you one by one.

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is one of the world’s most famous sexy underwear brands, and its popularity is even beyond the sex lingerie industry.This brand’s diverse sexy underwear, from small bras to lace panties, the most representative product is Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels series.This series of underwear is exquisite in details, designing avant -garde, both daily use or special occasions have a good effect.

Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette is a sexy underwear brand in Australia. Recently, it has also opened a number of shops to enter the United States and Europe.The brand’s creativity comes from a playful sentence: "Girls need to go out instead of entering the bedroom." Therefore, Honey Birdette made a series of sexy out -of -underwear, including a variety of special shoulder straps and tassel bras, exquisite design, Show the beauty of women.

Wolf & Whistle

Wolf & Whistle is a British sexy underwear brand. The brand has made high -quality, designing fashionable sexy underwear, and selling it with a reasonable price.The design uses a variety of materials, including retro knitted materials and shiny oriental sea jewelry.Each product has its own unique element and design style, which is very suitable for buying it to yourself or given to friends.


Bluebella is a British fashion sexy underwear brand, known for its high -quality design and classic style.The brand uses special pearl contribution and lace design, making many sexy underwear have a more sexy texture.Many women like Bluebella, because their products have a charming texture, but also facilitate the basic needs of women.

Playful Promises

Playful Promises is one of the most popular sexy underwear brands in the UK.From the 1920s to modern sources, the underwear and jackets pay special attention to line design and color matching.Playful Promises also focused on designing and manufacturing adding underwear to provide high -end and sexy high -end options for those who need more people.

Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is a British fashion sexy underwear brand. It was founded in 1994.This brand usually imagines sexy underwear style, such as physical elements and fascinating design. Some people think that the brand’s underwear design is bolder, but the quality and design are great.

For Love & Lemons

For Love & Lemons is a sexy underwear brand from California, which is very popular in the sex clothing industry.The most representative of the brand is the herds and elegant design styles. Inner clothing has always been known as a female fashion trend pioneer brand with elegant and emotional design styles.

Bare NecessIES

Bare NecessIES is equipped with a large number of products of global sexy lingerie brands, and its varieties include a variety of colors, styles and prices.The brand is positioned in diversified underwear and accessories, and provides women with convenient services that can get high -quality underwear without leaving the door.


MISSGUIDED is a brand new sexy underwear brand that is committed to selling simple design styles and moderate prices of underwear.The design concept of sexy beauty and luxury is considered to be the best startup in the underwear industry. Its development speed has been recognized by the underwear market.

Before buying sexy underwear, you can visit some sexy underwear shops to learn about the characteristics and design elements of different brands and styles.The design styles and prices of each brand can choose the sexy underwear that suits you best according to your own needs and budgets.

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