What can I play besides sex underwear

What can I play besides sex underwear

1. Sexy role -playing

For young couples or couples, some sexy role -playing activities can increase the fun of sex.These activities can help you jump out of the comfort zone and improve your intimacy between you and your partner.For example, you can play the bar girl or police of the jazz club.No matter what you choose, make sure your partner follows the role.

2. indoor candlelight dinner

It is also a very romantic activity to prepare an indoor candlelight dinner at home.This can enjoy food and warmth with your partner.You can spend some time to prepare your favorite food, candles and music to create a warm and romantic atmosphere.

3. Interesting game

Interest games can help you increase interaction and intimacy with your partner.Some games include playing cards, chessboard games and role -playing games.You can add some sexy elements to these games, such as naked or sexual teasing to increase interest.

4. Sexy massage

Giving your partner a sexy massage is also a very romantic approach.You can use aromatherapy oil or massage oil to create a relaxed atmosphere.At the same time, you can take this opportunity to ensure that your partner is completely relaxed in a short time.

5. Bed episodes

Another way to increase interest is to try new things in bed.Trying new positions, increasing sex toys, adjusting rhythm, etc., can increase the intimacy and freshness between you and your partner.

6. Interest restaurant

If you want to try the experience of ordinary restaurants, you can go to a sex restaurant.These restaurants have unique decoration and atmosphere, which allows you and your partner to feel a romantic experience that is different from daily life.

7. Spoow of sexual supplies

If you and your partner are interested in sexy supplies, you can try sex supplies exchange.This can increase the trust and intimacy between you, and you can also try new sex toys and tools.

8. Travel

Travel is another way to increase interest.Go to a strange city or country and explore new places and culture, so that you and your partner can understand each other more deeply.At the same time, travel can also provide some unique romantic experiences, such as walking on the beach or watching beautiful sunset.

9. Creative gifts

A creative gift can also increase interest.You can customize a special gift for your partner, such as a personalized sexy underwear, a sexual love manual, or a luxurious sex toy.As long as you know what your partner is interested in, it is easy to customize a gift suitable for him/her.

10. Share your feelings

Finally, sharing your feelings is also a way to increase interest.Talk to your partner about your dreams, wishes, and expectations of sexual life, you can increase your understanding and understanding.Only by sharing your feelings with your partner frankly can you really build trust and close relationships between you.

in conclusion

In life, in addition to sexy underwear, there are many other ways to increase interest.Choose one or more ways to try with your partner, which can make your relationship closer and increase the freshness between each other.

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