What is the rope that stripped the sexy underwear

1 Introduction

Interest underwear is a class of clothing that has become more and more popular in recent years.Their design and style are different, allowing you to show sexy and flirting effects.Among them, there is a type of underwear with a rope that needs to peel the rope.Many people do not know the role of these ropes. The following is to unveil the mysterious veil of the sexy lingerie rope for you.

2. The material of the rope

First of all, let’s talk about the material of the sexy lingerie rope.Generally speaking, these ropes are made of silk, nylon or cotton wires.These materials are very soft and are suitable for placing directly on the skin without worn the skin.In addition, they are durable and not easily damaged, so they can ensure the life of the underwear.

3. The shape and color of the rope

The shape and color of sexy lingerie rope are also different.Some ropes are flat and some are round.Moreover, their colors are also different.For example: black, red, blue, etc. These colors are representatives of sexy and tempting.Many women think that these colors of ropes can make them look more sexy and attract men’s attention.

4. The structure of the rope

The structure of sexy lingerie rope is also important.They must be strong enough to bear the pressure of pulling and stretching.In addition, they must be soft enough so that those wearing can not feel uncomfortable.In addition, underwear ropes must be stable to ensure that they will not move or slide during wearing.

5. The role of the rope

Most erotic underwear ropes are used for decoration and flirting.They can improve your sexy temperament during wearing and attract the attention of the opposite sex.In addition, some ropes can be used for restraint and adjustment when wearing.These ropes can change the shape and closeness of the underwear by tied to different places, and further enhance the sexy effect.

6. Rope maintenance

The rope of sexy underwear requires special maintenance.First of all, they need to be washed by hand to avoid excessive friction and pull.In addition, the rope also needs to be coated with maintenance oil or lubricant often to ensure the softness and smoothness of the rope, and avoid wrinkles and adhesion.

7. Another special rope type

In addition to being part of the sexy underwear, there is another type of rope that is also very popular, that is, Sadomasochism (SM) rope art.This kind of rope art is different from the rope in sexy underwear. It is an ancient Japanese art form that can use the rope for the body’s restraint and adjustment.This form of art is very focused on details and skills, and requires professional training and practice.

8. Summary

The rope in sexy underwear can increase sexy temperament and feel flirting.They are made of different materials, shapes, colors and structures.The use of the rope needs to be particularly careful and requires a specific maintenance method.In addition, there is a similar to these ropes called Sadomasochism (SM) rope art, which focuses on the application and perfect adjustment techniques.Whether you wear this underwear or try this ancient rope art, you must pay attention to safety and comfort, and get the greatest fun.

9. Viewpoint

The sexy lingerie rope brings us a lot of good experiences and memories.However, we should not ignore their hidden potential risks.How to use and maintain these ropes correctly to ensure that they are safe, soft and durable.We should fully understand the characteristics and uses of these underwear ropes and use them with caution.

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