What kind of sexy underwear is hot

What kind of sexy underwear is hot


Interest underwear has always been a weapon that stimulates eroticism and increases sexual interest. It not only can bring visual stimuli, but also increase the emotions between husband and wife.


The style of sexy underwear must conform to everyone’s taste.Some women like sweet and lovely temperament, while others like sexy and teasing.Therefore, the style of sexy underwear should match the aesthetic taste of the individual, so that every woman can find a sexy underwear that suits her best.


The fabric of sexy underwear should be soft, smooth, humid, breathable, comfortable and durable.Common fabrics include lace, silk, cotton, cellulose, etc. These fabrics are very suitable for making sexy underwear.Some toxic chemical fibers should be avoided to avoid causing allergic reactions.


The size of the sexy underwear (especially the bra) is very important, because it can bring discomfort and pain to the body with a bra and panties wearing the wrong size.Women should use their own measurement size to determine the correct size, not just relying on standard size tables.


Color is another key factor in sexy underwear.Different colors can bring different effects, such as red can inspire sexual desire, and black can increase mystery.Women can choose sexy underwear of different colors according to different occasions (such as romantic dating and sexy parties).


A good design makes sexy underwear more feminine and sexy.The consideration of details, such as the combination of lace and bow, and even the decoration of beads and sequins, can make sexy underwear more charming, in line with the image of the "goddess" in women’s imagination.


There are many different purposes in erotic underwear.Some sexy underwear is just to increase the lust between husband and wife, while others can increase interaction between husband and wife and hormonal secretion.Women should choose sexy underwear suitable for different occasions to achieve the best results.

Suitable for different figures

Women’s body is different. Some people have proud chests, while others have perfect hips.Different styles of sexy underwear can adjust the proportion of body. For example, A -shaped bikini underwear can make the legs look longer, and the dancer bra can make the chest fuller.


The price of sex underwear ranges from several yuan to thousands of yuan.High -price sexy underwear often has better quality and better design, which can better meet the needs and expectations of women.But that does not mean that the reasonable price of sexy underwear cannot achieve the same effect.

in conclusion

There are many different factors that can affect the charm and attractiveness of sexy underwear.Making the best choice for you can increase the sense of security and self -confidence of women, and inspire their hidden sexy, make them more self -confident, more confident, and more charming.

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