What kind of sexy underwear is wearing caesarean section

What kind of sexy underwear is wearing caesarean section

As more and more women choose to have a caesarean section, many people start asking: What kind of sexy underwear do I have to wear after cesarean section?This is a very important problem, because choosing underwear correctly can help women restore their bodies and improve comfort and self -confidence.In this article, we will introduce what kind of sexy underwear is best to wear after cesarean section and provide you with some useful suggestions.

1. Understand the difference between caesarean section and postpartum vaginal delivery

Understanding Caesarean section and natural vaginal delivery is the key to choosing the correct sexy underwear.Different from vaginal delivery, caesarean section will leave a long wound below the waist.In addition, caesarean section may also cause pelvic organs to sag, which may make you feel uncomfortable.

2. Choose soft and comfortable materials

When you choose a sexy underwear after a caesarean section, it is best to choose underwear made of soft and comfortable materials.These materials include cotton, silk and dust -free fiber.

3. Consider thickened chest pads

Postpartum breast sensitivity and easy lactation.Therefore, the sexy underwear after cesarean section should contain as much thickened chest pads as much as possible.This can improve your comfort and avoid leakage.

4. Comfortable and fit

The sexy underwear after cesarean section should be comfortable and fit.It is best to leave enough space in the chest and hips to make the breathing smooth, and at the same time, it can avoid compressing the wound left by the cesarean section.

5. Interesting underwear with bones and bones

After a caesarean section, bone underwear may cause compression of the wound, causing pain and discomfort.On the contrary, boneless underwear may be too loose and cannot provide enough support.Therefore, it is best to choose a moderate or boneless sexy underwear.

6. Consider the button in front

After a cesarean section, it is difficult to wear underwear or bed and getting bed.Therefore, it is best to choose a sexy underwear with front buckles so that you can wear and take off your underwear easier.

7. Consider the length of the wear

After a caesarean section, women should avoid tight clothing to avoid poor blood circulation.Therefore, we recommend that we should pay attention to comfort and avoid wearing for too long when wearing sexy underwear.

8. Choose a beautiful style

In addition to the above practical suggestions, choosing a beautiful sexy underwear is also helpful for women’s self -confidence.We recommend choosing women’s charm and beautiful styles, which can improve women’s self -confidence and happiness.

9. Select the brand and size

Finally, it is best to choose a well -known brand and sexy underwear suitable for your own size.Choosing regular brands can ensure the comfort and quality of underwear and avoid allergies.Choose a suitable size underwear to ensure that the underwear can be fully wrapped in the breast, and at the same time, it can avoid discomfort caused by excessive tightness.

10. Summary view

What kind of sexy underwear is the best after cesarean section?The most important thing is to choose soft, comfortable, suitable for your own size, brand, and plasticity, and avoid compression and discomfort to wounds.Putting sexy underwear correctly can improve women’s self -confidence and happiness, help women restore their bodies, and provide support for your health and comfort.

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