What sexy lingerie is suitable for big power

What sexy lingerie is suitable for big power

As an underwear expert, I believe you will realize that sex underwear is a very important type of clothing.For any woman, choosing a sexy underwear that suits you is a very important thing.As a very famous actress, Da Mi Mi is very good in temperament or figure.So, should everyone care about what style of sexy underwear she is suitable for?Let me introduce it to everyone.

1. Understand the body characteristics of the big power

First of all, we need to know how to evaluate the body type of the big power and her physical characteristics.According to her appearance photos, we can conclude that the big power has a perfect body proportion, with beautiful body lines and beautiful facial features.Her chest was slightly smaller, but she was very strong and the curve was very beautiful.

2. Choose the right material

When choosing a suitable sexy underwear suitable for big power, we need to consider the material.Generally speaking, sexy underwear suitable for large power should choose soft and comfortable fabrics, such as cotton fabrics, chiffon fabrics, etc.

3. Select the appropriate style

The style of sexy underwear should be very suitable for the body of the big power, which helps to highlight her beautiful curve and create a sexy atmosphere.For women who are more petite in the body, they are suitable for choosing stockings suits, lace hollow sexy underwear and other styles.

4. Pay attention to the color matching of the underwear

The color of the underwear has a great impact on the sexy atmosphere of women, and different underwear colors can show a completely different feeling.For a beautiful figure such as Da Mi Mi, it is suitable for choosing dark or neutral colors to match.For example, black, dark red or dark, are all good choices.

5. Avoid being too exposed

The temperament of the big power is very good, so when choosing a sexy underwear, you should be careful not to choose a style that is too exposed.After all, temperament and sexy are not conflicting.Moderate exposure can give people a sense of mystery, but excessive exposure will make people feel uncomfortable.

6. Focus on the design of the bra

For the big power, the design of the bra is very important.Because her chest is relatively small, she needs to choose some styles with thick or concentrated effects when choosing a bra.This can highlight the chest lines and make the chest look more upright.

7. Choose a style that conforms to the big power temperament

Da Mi Mi temperament is very good, so when choosing sexy underwear, you should also choose some relatively noble and elegant styles.You can choose some small and fresh styles, and the gentle and romantic atmosphere is more in line with her temperament.

8. Properly match sexy high heels

Sexy underwear with sexy high heels can improve the entire visual effect.For the big power, choosing a pair of high heels that meet her temperament can make her more beautiful and sexy.

9. Appropriate occasions to select the right underwear

Finally, we need to choose the right sexy underwear based on the occasion.The sexy underwear required for different occasions is also different.


To sum up, the big power is suitable for wearing some elegant, fresh, sexy but sexy but exposed sexy underwear. This can better highlight her sexy side without affecting her beautiful temperament.

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