What sexy underwear is suitable for fat people

What sexy underwear is suitable for fat people

People with a full body when they choose sexy underwear, they need to pay special attention to comfort and highlight the body curve.This article will introduce you to the sexy underwear suitable for fat people from four aspects: style, material, color and size.

Style selection

For fat people, it is not recommended to use high -waisted sexy underwear, because this style is easy to strangle fat, compress the belly, and it is uncomfortable to wear.Instead, you can choose two -thirds of women’s tops and high waistline underwear, or wedding camisole underwear. These styles can make the figure look more slender.

Material selection

For material selection, it is recommended that fat people choose to try to be thin and thin as possible. This kind of underwear will not have a sense of excessive tightness and can adapt to your body.At the same time, when selecting the material, you can consider some good elastic fabrics, such as Lycra or latex, which can better display the body curve and it is more comfortable.

Selection of color

In terms of color selection, it is recommended that fat people choose dark tones, because the dark tone can play a role in modifying the figure.Too bright colors will make you look more obese, and the dark tone can avoid this situation and make you look slimmer.

size selection

In terms of size selection, it is recommended that the fat man choose the right size, and the underwear cannot be too tight, otherwise it will make you feel very uncomfortable, and it will also affect your sex.Do not try to choose the smallest size, and choose the appropriate size so that you can not let the fat’s fat out.

Recommended underwear

According to the above suggestions, we give several sexy lingerie styles suitable for fat people:

Local pad cup tip of the chest to improve the bra

Thin, light -textured silk women’s top

High waistline underwear

Wedding camisole vest underwear

Hilly latex underwear with good elasticity

Sexy underwear matching

In addition to the above style selection, it is also important to choose the appropriate sexy underwear.It is recommended that fat people choose some styles that can enhance the body and sexy style, such as long robes, lace bathrobes, swimsuits, net socks, and so on.

Bedroom atmosphere

While choosing a sexy underwear, you should also pay attention to the romantic atmosphere of the bedroom.You can choose warm and romantic music, the appropriate candlelight’s bright environment, and even some smell of aromatherapy, which can effectively increase the charm of your erotic underwear.

adjust your mindset

Finally, when choosing a sexy underwear, do not inferiority because of your body.To adjust your mentality correctly, you can find the sexy underwear that suits you best, and then show his unique sexy and charm through your own charm and confidence.


Fat people can also wear their sexy and charm. As long as you choose sexy underwear suitable for your body, make reasonable matching, and adjust your mentality to make yourself look more confident, beautiful and sexy.

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