What sexy underwear without breasts

What sexy underwear without breasts

1. Select the right style

For women without chest, it is important to choose the right sexy lingerie style.Strongly recommend choosing a style with thickening or cushion, these underwear can effectively shape the chest shape.

2. Select the correct cup size

Don’t buy too large or too small cups even if you don’t have a chest.When buying, you must pay attention to the size of the cup, so that you can better set off your body beauty.

3. Select the sexy underwear of lace fabric

For women without chest, it is a good choice to choose a lace fabric.They can bring some streamlined feels to the figure, thus creating the effect of the chest visually.

4. Choose sexy underwear with bandages

A bandaging sexy underwear can create a better streamlined effect on the figure, and allows women without chest to visually have a more seductive curve.

5. Choose sexy underwear with a support effect

Interesting underwear with a lifting effect can collect your scattered pectoral muscles and improve your breast location, so that it will look much plump.

6. Select the sexy underwear with folds on the cup

The fold design on the underwear cup can break the smooth and flat visual effect, so that women without breasts look more chest.

7. Choose a three -dimensional tailoring sexy underwear

The three -dimensional tailoring sexy underwear can create a three -dimensional instead of thin feeling, which makes women without chest look fuller.

8. Choose sexy underwear with a hanging neck

The sexy underwear with a hanging neck can stretch your neck lines, so that your height looks much higher than the actual height, and it visually create a larger breast effect.

9. Select V -type sexy underwear

The V -type design can stretch your upper body ratio and create the effect of the chest visually.In addition, the V -type design can highlight your collarbone and make you look more beautiful.

10. Choose elastic sexy underwear

Because there is no chest, it is not necessary to have too much support for sexy underwear.Choosing elastic erotic underwear can better shape the body curve while it is more breathable and comfortable.


No chest does not mean that you cannot wear charming sexy underwear.As long as you choose the right style, you can also create a sexy and charming image.Regardless of your body, the most important thing is to be confident so that you can emit the most beautiful light.

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