What should I do if my boyfriend accompanies me to wear sexy underwear


Sex underwear is a kind of underwear that makes people feel sexy and confident.Wearing a sexy underwear with your partner can increase interest and fun.However, many women may not be sure how to let her boyfriend wear sexy underwear together.

Understand his attitude

First of all, you need to know if your boyfriend is willing to wear sexy underwear.Talk about his views on this. If he is curious and willing to try, then you can continue to advance down.If he is not interested or does not like this idea, then you need to respect his choice.

Choose the right sexy underwear

Next, it is important to choose a sexy underwear suitable for men.Some sexy lingerie is suitable for men and women to wear, and some sexy underwear is more suitable for women to wear alone.Usually, the fun underwear that is more suitable for men has customized underwear, T -shirts and other styles, which can appropriately increase the sexy degree of men.

Try to put on a sexy container by yourself

Before inviting your boyfriend to try to wear sexy underwear, you can try to wear it yourself to understand the experience and feelings during the dressing process in advance.In physical feelings, make sure you wear fit and do not limit your exercise.

Create an appropriate atmosphere

When you invite your boyfriend to wear sexy underwear with you, you can create a suitable atmosphere and add an atmosphere and a romantic feeling.For example, you can control the lights of the room, play suitable music, candlelight dinner, etc. to create a close atmosphere.

Try to wear

You can try to wear sexy underwear, such as women wearing sexy connectives, men wearing sexy underwear, and it is still very pictured to match.At the same time, the other party can participate in the matching process and choose the right sexy underwear together.

Pay attention to choosing underwear that suits you

Although wearing sexy underwear can increase the atmosphere, you also need to pay attention to choosing underwear that suits you.With discomfort underwear reduces the quality of experience.So choose your own comfortable and favorite style and materials.

Don’t wear sexy underwear over your head

Wearing erotic underwear is not a panacea.In the process of experience, we need to pay attention to whether it is too pursuing the atmosphere and stimulus, and do not let the wearing erotic underwear a burden.

Establish a relationship of mutual respect

Wearing sexy underwear is a way to entertain and relax.Of course, you also need to build a mutual respect between you.Don’t force the other party to do things that you don’t like, wearing sexy underwear only with each other’s consent.


In short, wearing erotic underwear is a way of entertainment and relaxation, which can improve the interest of sexual life, but it also needs to choose and match according to the feelings and preferences of yourself and the other party.

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