What to buy on Taobao for sexy underwear

What to buy on Taobao for sexy underwear

In recent years, fun underwear, as an emerging industry, has been loved by young people.With the rise of sexual interest in the new era, sexy underwear has emerged, becoming one of the most fashionable clothing in modern society.As a young man’s shopping sacred place, on the Taobao platform, the sales of sex underwear have always maintained a good level.Today we will discuss what products on Taobao can be paired with sexy underwear, allowing you to have both fashion and practicality when choosing gifts.

1. Fancy flirting game

I believe that many young people like to play sex flirting games, and the sexual products stores on Taobao are also endless.At this time, the matching of an interesting sexy game and sexy underwear will be successfully harvested the 10,000 compliments of the other party.

2. Electronic products

Whether it is for the opposite sex or yourself, electronic consumer goods will never be outdated.You can try in the parcel of electronic products, plus a sexy erotic underwear, such a big surprise will definitely make the other person happy.

3. Home Destwriting

At this time, in addition to preparing gifts for themselves and relatives and friends, for couples, two people can add some household items to their homes.You can give sexy underwear as a gift to each other to pull the distance between each other.

4. Beauty skin care products

Especially for women, beauty skin care products are another indispensable thing outside the sex underwear.When you are buying beauty skin care products for your girlfriend, adding a sexy and fun underwear by the way will add a lot of surprises to your girlfriend.

5. Fitness equipment

For some friends who love sports, fitness equipment is a very popular choice.When sending gifts, adding a sexy underwear that is paired with the meaning of the other party will definitely have a heartwide.

6. Book

Reading and literary atmosphere is also a attention that modern young people are focusing on.When sending a book that others want, mix a elegant and generous, sexy lingerie with a fun, and let the other person shine.

7. Candy chocolate

Sending chocolate on Valentine’s Day, birthday or anniversary is one of the most common ways of expression between couples. If you can put a beautiful sexy underwear in a chocolate package, it is definitely one of the most creative choices in gifts.Essence

8. Clothing accessories

Modern urban women’s pursuit of fashion is very strong, and clothing is one of the most basic expressions.When buying women’s clothes accessories, with a heart and a sexy lingerie, she will feel her affectionateness of her boyfriend.

Nine. Food and cuisine

For some gourmets who know how to enjoy life, food and dishes are naturally indispensable.At the same time as giving food, with a charming sexy underwear, she can definitely make her feel the taste of love.

10. Travel

Before sending travel, it is a good choice with a sexy underwear.Such plans can not only make the journey more interesting, but also make the relationship between lover more intimate.


In short, sending erotic underwear is not a shameful thing, it represents a fashionable and avant -garde sex lifestyle.At the same time, sexy underwear is also a good tool for improving relationships between gender.Selecting when shopping, it has brought people a relaxed and fun way of shopping.As long as you choose with your heart, different combination differences will make your gifts even higher!

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