What to search for Taobao underwear Taobao

Choose a sexy underwear that suits you, start with the search keywords

With the improvement of social progress and people’s awareness of sexual culture, more and more sexual underwear is needed. As one of the largest domestic online shopping platforms in China, Taobao also provides a lot of rich sexy underwear products.However, choosing a suitable sex underwear is not an easy task. Often, you need to start with search keywords. The following are several common keywords for your reference.

"Beautiful breast underwear", "abdominal body -shaping underwear", "sexy lingerie"

Search for sexy underwear on Taobao. Common keywords are beautiful breast underwear, abdominal bodywear and sexy lingerie.Among them, beautiful breast underwear and abdominal body -shaping underwear are suitable for women who want to improve chest and waist lines. Different materials and design can be used to maintain comfort and shape the perfect figure.And sexy underwear pays more attention to showing women’s sexy charm and style.

"SM Sexy Lingerie", "Leather Sexy Lingerie"

In the sexual emotional and interesting underwear category, it is divided into multiple detailed categories.Among them, SM sex underwear and leather sex underwear.SM sex underwear mainly uses rope, handcuffs, leather whip and other accessories, for some rope art enthusiasts or especially SM enthusiasts, which can meet their sexual needs and hobbies.The leather erotic underwear is mainly made of leather material. The appearance is sexy and wild, suitable for female friends who like to take a sexy route.

"Swimwear Bikini", "Hap -Back Back Underwear", "Transparent Lace Underwear"

In sexy underwear categories, there are many other popular elements, such as swimwear bikini, hollowed back underwear, transparent lace underwear, etc.If you want to show the charm of personality, it is recommended to choose these sexy underwear with unique design and popular elements.

"Red rope underwear", "open crotch underwear", "leakage lingerie"

If you have tried the basic sexy underwear, you can consider buying sexy underwear with special design and functions, such as red rope underwear, open crotch underwear, and leakage underwear.These underwear design is more special, mainly through lines and hollow design to enhance sexy charm.

"Princess skirt underwear" and "zombie dressing underwear"

If you want to be more exaggerated and personalized, you can try to choose a princess skirt underwear or zombie to dress underwear.The former mainly uses fluffy lace and fold design to create an elegant princess style.The latter has obvious makeup and special design, suitable for activities such as Halloween and Cosplay.

"Chemical fiber underwear", "silk underwear"

Underwear is also a kind of sexy underwear. From the perspective of the fabric, there are many types, such as chemical fiber underwear and silk underwear.This type of underwear is based on material and feel. Among them, silk underwear has the characteristics of smoothness, comfort, and elasticity, and is suitable for people with higher comfort.

"Large -scale sexy underwear", "women open underwear"

People of different body types will have different needs for sexy underwear that suits them. They can choose large -scale sexy underwear according to their needs, while women’s open underwear is mainly based on bold exposure and sexy.friends.

"Men’s Inflection", "Constitution"

Interest underwear is not just the exclusive to women. Men’s sexy underwear is also a market demand.When searching for men’s erotic underwear, common keywords include leather sex lingerie and role -playing underwear.In addition, condoms are a common sex product. There are a large number of types on Taobao. You can choose to choose your brand and model.

"Precautions before buying"

Before buying sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the following problems: brand and quality, design and material, size selection for your own.In addition, pay attention to ensuring personal hygiene and health, and choose reliable channels and manufacturers when buying.


Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you needs to choose according to your needs and preferences. It is a good choice to start with search keywords.Whether it is sexy temptation or individual fashion, there are sexy underwear suitable for you.Pay attention to the proper protection of personal privacy and health, and choose reliable manufacturers and channels to buy.

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