When Shu Qi debuted, sexy underwear videos

The background of Shu Qi sexy underwear video

In the late 1990s, the "Four King of Heaven" in the Hong Kong Performing Arts Circle swept the Chinese pop music scene. At the same time, there were many actresses in the film industry, including Shu Qi.Shu Qi first worked hard in the film industry in Taiwan, and began to become popular because of her appearance in the movie "Matslum".Since then, she has participated in a lot of movies, such as "Millennium Manbo" and "Wind Moon", and in 2000, she also appeared in female No. 1 in the movie "Painting Skin" in the film industry.At the beginning of her debut, in order to increase the exposure, she also shot some sexy underwear advertisements and videos.

Video content and style

Most of the sexy underwear videos when Shu Qi debuted was sexy and bold.She either plans her posture on the bed, or turns her long hair in front of the camera, or blocks her body, or uses various postures and movements to emphasize her figure and beauty.These videos seemed to be a little overly today, but it also illustrates the definition and pursuit of "sexy" in Hong Kong at that time.

The impact and controversy of video

The sexy underwear video shot when Shu Qi made her debut not only brought her more attention and opportunities, but also attracted a lot of controversy.Some people think that these videos are too exposed and vulgar, which is contrary to the moral guidelines of society, while Shu Qi himself thinks that his performance is for art, rather than selling advertisements for erotic underwear companies.

Shu Qi’s later performance changes

Over time, Shu Qi began to slow down his pace and turned to more connotative and depth performances.Her performance in "Porn Men and Women" made people look at her acting skills.Later, she also received a high evaluation in movies such as "If Love".

Fashionable trend of sexy underwear

Compared to the sexy underwear during the debut of Shu Qi, today’s sexy underwear has changed greatly in terms of style and style.Today’s sexy underwear pays more attention to the balance of comfort and sexy, and also avoids excessive exposure and vulgarity.Many erotic underwear brands have designed many beautiful styles, such as lace lace, pink roses, small black skirts, etc. These styles provide customers with more choices, and have also promoted sexy underwear to gradually become a trend of fashion.

Women’s attitude towards sexy underwear

In fact, whether Shu Qi debuted or now, women’s attitude towards sexy underwear has always been complicated and controversial.Some women think that sexy underwear helps to increase self -confidence and sexy, while others think that these clothes are too exposed and vulgar, hurting female dignity.

The effect of sexy underwear on the relationship between husband and wife

The impact of sexy underwear on the relationship between husband and wife is also a hot topic.Some couples believe that wearing erotic underwear can increase the interests and fun of both parties and increase the intimacy between each other.However, some husbands and wives believe that such clothing has the risk of increasing husband’s infidelity, and it is also easy to cause his wife to fall into the inherent concept of female society for women’s bodies.

The correct choice of sexy underwear

Although sexy underwear has now become a popular trend, customers need to consider their physical condition, brand reputation and related professional knowledge when buying such clothes to avoid some negative impacts on themselves.When choosing a sexy underwear, it is recommended that customers must go to a regular sexy underwear shop and choose a style that suits them to avoid being too dull or rough.

in conclusion

The sexy underwear video during the debut of Shu Qi was the epitome of history, and they reflected the social situation and ideological concepts at that time.Today’s sexy underwear category pays more attention to diversification and innovation, and has become a fashion.But at the same time, we also need to keep a sober head, avoid excessive pursuit and consumption, and do force when choosing and wearing sexy underwear.

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