Where can I have fun underwear wholesale in Chengdu

Overview of Chengdu sexy underwear wholesale market

Chengdu is a business city in the southwest. It has a large number of sexual product sales markets and various types of wholesale markets.If you need a large number of sexy underwear, Chengdu may be your ideal choice.

Jinli Business District

Jinli Business District is one of the more famous business districts in Chengdu.There are various large shopping malls and small wholesale markets.In the Jinli business district, you can find many shops that operate sexy underwear.

Chunxi Road Business District

Chunxi Road Business District is one of the most prosperous commercial tourism areas in Chengdu and is known as one of the "landmarks" of Chengdu.Here, you can find a variety of large shopping malls and small stores, and Chengdu’s sexy underwear wholesale market has gradually risen here.

Jinshayi Garden Clothing City

Chengdu Jinshayi Garden Clothing City is a more professional clothing market, and there are also many merchants who operate sexy underwear.If you need to purchase a lot of sexy underwear, the Golden Shayi Garden clothing city can be a good choice.

Caoshi Street Wholesale Market

Caoshi Street Wholesale Market is one of the largest wholesale markets in Chengdu, where many different types of wholesalers are gathered here.In addition to clothing, jewelry and other products, the wholesale market of the Grass City Street also operates the sex products industry. You can also find a lot of sexy underwear wholesaler here.

Zigong Clothing Wholesale Market

Although Zigong is not in Chengdu, it is not far from Chengdu, about 80 kilometers.Zigong’s clothing wholesale market is a larger clothing market.Here, there are a lot of sexy underwear suppliers, and the price is relatively favorable.

Shunqing District Clothing Wholesale Market

The clothing wholesale market of Shunqing District is a large market that focuses on finished clothing.There are many clothing suppliers from the country.Here, you can also find many wholesalers with sexy underwear.

Longquanyi District Wholesale Market

Longquan District wholesale market is also one of the relatively large wholesale markets in Chengdu.The clothing, accessories, stationery and daily necessities here are relatively complete, and there are not a few sexy underwear wholesalers.

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The clothing wholesale market in Yudu District is a market that concentrates many clothing companies in Chengdu.Here, you can also find more sexy underwear suppliers, and the price may be cheaper than the wholesale market in other regions.

Dayi County Wholesale Market

Dayi County Wholesale Market is a relatively small wholesale market, but merchants are more concentrated.Although there are not so many erotic underwear suppliers, the price of sexy underwear here is also relatively favorable and it is worth buying in large quantities.

Wenjiang District Clothing Wholesale Market

Although the clothing wholesale market in Wenjiang District is not as famous as Jinli and Chunxi Road, there are relatively many clothing suppliers here, and some of them have some sexy underwear.


The above is the overview of Chengdu’s sexy underwear wholesale market. Although some of these business district wholesale markets are not specially operated in sexy underwear, you can also find a lot of sexy underwear suppliers in these markets.It is necessary to choose the most suitable sex underwear who is suitable for you according to the size and price of the procurement.

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