Where is the sexy underwear at home

Where is the sexy underwear at home

Interesting underwear is designed to increase the fun between husband and wife.Different colors and styles of sexy underwear allow you to feel different sexy and charm.However, for no experienced buyers, where is a big problem where the sexy underwear is placed in the family.In this article, we will explore the best way to store sexy underwear at home.

1. Store in the bedroom wardrobe

The bedroom is the right place, because sexy underwear is actually your personal item.In the bedroom, you can put them in your own wardrobe so that they will not be touched or observed at will.Putting sex underwear in the wardrobe can also maintain hygiene and privacy.

2. Store in the bathroom cabinet

The bathroom is also a good place to store interesting underwear.In the bathroom, you can use the space or drawer such as the upper part of the bathroom cabinet to hide your sexy lingerie.However, it should be noted that avoiding it in a bath with high humidity, which may cause damage to the material of sexy underwear.

3. Store in the bedside table

You can also put sexy underwear in the bedside table.In this way, whenever you need them, you can get it with just reaching out.However, please note that there are usually things in the bedside table, such as magazines, books, or chargers, etc. Do not let them run or get sexy underwear to avoid damage.

4. Store in a makeup box

The boxes of cosmetics and skin care products are very suitable for saving in sexy underwear.This is convenient and can be separated from other private items.Putting sex underwear in the box can better protect them from the invasion of affiliated components, passing personnel and subjective willingness.

5. Store in the window display cabinet

Sometimes you buy very beautiful sexy underwear, which is worth making them appear in front of the public.To this end, you can consider installing a window display cabinet in the bedroom or living room to show your personal items.This can not only bring you personal satisfaction, but also make the room more vivid and interesting.

6. Store in the collection box

Interesting underwear is also a good fashion single, and it is also an interesting entertainment method to collect and display them from time to time.You can use a collection box to store your sexy underwear and make them the treasure.

7. Store in a storage bag

If you don’t want sexy underwear to take up too much space, or simply leave a certain place, storage bag can be a good choice.Putting sex underwear into a storage bag can not only move and store easily, but also keep it stored alone. Some storage bags with transparent window can make you quickly find the sexy underwear you need.

8. Store under the pillow

For those who are accustomed to linked sex underwear with the sex of the bedroom, putting sex underwear under the pillow is a good choice.When you put down the pillow, the sexy underwear will be hidden outside the sight, and it is convenient and easy to take when needed.

9. Store in the shoe box

Shoe boxes are usually relatively high and compact, which can not only collect shoes perfectly and beautifully, but also use to store sexy underwear.After putting sex underwear into the shoe box, it is also very safe to place a place where the area or other places that are easy to abandon underwear.

10. Store in your own heart

Those who are truly clean and considerate, the sexy underwear will never be seen by others.There is no need to use excessive storage methods to protect their erotic underwear, but they can respect them in their hearts and cooperate with their own inner sexual desires and thoughts.This is a good choice.

in conclusion:

There is no certain standard answer where the sexy underwear is placed in the family.For everyone, the best way to store it is the best.We hope that our article can bring you inspiration and suggestions, and can better protect and show your sexy underwear.

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