Where is the sexy underwear County

Where is the Info Underwear County -In -depth understanding

As an important part of sexual culture, sexy underwear has entered people’s daily life, and has gradually become a fashion choice for various parties and gatherings.However, for many people, sexy underwear is still a relatively unfamiliar field. It is very little known to brands, models, and wearing methods. Therefore, this article will introduce sexy underwear from multiple aspects to understand the basic situation of erotic underwear.Bring a richer and more comprehensive understanding.

What is sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is a unique underwear with special design, soft material, comfortable wearing, and emphasizing visual effects.It is characterized by sexy, seductive and naughty, with a variety of styles, including various bodies, G-String, lace underwear, cat women, sexy belly pockets, sets, etc.In sex games and role -playing, sexy underwear can allow people to experience the pleasure of sex.

Types of sex underwear

1. Classic styles: Traditional handicrafts such as lace perspectives, collarbone surround, triangular clavicle balls, metal rings, and inlay decorations can be applied to sexy underwear. Memory bras and gathered underwear are classic styles.

2. Animal underwear: Falling underwear to imitate the shape of animals, such as"Cat and women’s clothing ","Rabbit women’s clothing "and so on, these underwear often uses the most commonly used role -playing props in sexy underwear.

3. Special customization: Many designers are paying attention to the field of sexy underwear. They will try to integrate fashion elements into the design of sexy underwear to create better and more unique products.

4. Strengthen the hips: In order to make women show their figure more perfectly, some classic low -waisted thongs, some women will find that the hips are not beautiful enough, and it is a very good way to strengthen the hip part.

How to choose a sexy jacket

1. Material: The material of sexy underwear directly affects comfort and quality. It is important to choose a material with comfort and breathability.

2. If you plan to sleep, you need to choose a style with good comfort and the smooth material that will not easily scratch the skin.

3. The purpose of wear: The purpose of wearing sexy underwear is very important. If you simply show your figure, you can choose thinner and comfortable styles; if you are used for role -playing, you need to consider what role you need to play.

How to wear sexy underwear

1. Select the right model: If the underwear you buy is too small, you will have a sense of oppression. Choose too large underwear, which is easy to loosen and cannot achieve good results.

2. Pay attention to optimization: Wearing erotic underwear requires optimizing the chest curve and waist and abdomen, carefully adjust the underwear to show it the best shape.

3. Stranging posture: In the process of wearing sexy underwear, we need to pay attention to wearing positions and keep half -curved or bending down, which will be easier to adjust.

Skills of sexy underwear preservation

1. Cleaning method: The material of the sexy underwear is very soft and fragile. It is recommended to use special clothing cleaning solution. The temperature cannot exceed 40 degrees Celsius when washing.

2. Placement method: Interesting underwear needs to be dried and placed in ventilated and cool places.If you choose machine washing, use a soft way to wash gently.

3. Do not use hot water, bleaching water and powerful laundry powder, because they will cause damage to the material of sexy underwear, which will affect quality and effect.


Interest underwear is a very distinctive and mysterious underwear. Both from design or wearing, preservation, etc., need enough time and energy.We should choose styles and materials according to our needs and preferences, and be good at scientific dressing and maintenance to win longer -term use effects.I hope that through the introduction of the mysterious field of sexy underwear, you will have a more comprehensive and in -depth understanding of sexy underwear.

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