Where is the sexy underwear production base

As a kind of special clothing, sex underwear has always received much attention, and its production base has also become a general concern.Let’s introduce the situation of the sexy underwear production base for readers.

1. China

With the gradual maturity and demand of the domestic market, China has become the world’s largest sexy underwear production base.In terms of production costs and quality control, China has a strong advantage. Both large key manufacturers or small OEM manufacturers are produced in China.

2. Thailand

Thailand is also one of the important production bases of sexy underwear. Its product style is mainly characterized by Southeast Asian style. It uses Asian silk and pearls and other fabrics, giving people a gentle and quiet feeling.Thailand itself is also a country with a gentle culture, so sexy underwear also has a large market here.

3. Japan

As one of the most sexual culture in the world, Japan has gradually expanded its market and production scale of sexy underwear.In terms of design, Japanese sexy underwear focuses on simplicity and functionality. It is often matched with retro and modern elements, and also emphasizes promotion and brand positioning.

4. The United States

The market and production scale in the United States should not be underestimated, especially in terms of adult products.In terms of design, American sexy underwear is mostly sexy, bold as the lead, has a variety of styles, and integrates elements of various countries, with more diversified characteristics.

5. Europe

As one of the centers of global fashion, Europe is luxurious, elegant, and unique.France, Italy and other countries have extremely high requirements in terms of fabric selection and handmade production. Therefore, the European sex lingerie production base is also very important in the world.

6. South Korea

Korean erotic underwear has its own unique features in design and fabric selection, mostly cute, fashionable, lively, and a large number of Korean elements blended with the design.Although its production base is not as good as China and Japan, it still occupies a large market share.

7. India

India has always had a strong market competitiveness in terms of clothing manufacturing, and it is not backward in sexy underwear.Indian erotic underwear has distinctive characteristics in fabric selection and printing technology. The production volume has gradually increased, becoming a much -watched sexy underwear production base.

8. Brazil

Brazil is a country with a warm culture, and Brazil’s sexy underwear also has its unique South American characteristics.Its design style is mainly sexy and bold. It uses a wide range of gauze, lace and swimsuit fabrics. At the same time, the design also integrates the elements of Brazilian aborigines, especially in the beach sexy series.

9. Mexico

Mexican’s sexy underwear has different styles and has the characteristics of simple and enthusiastic.Mexican sexy underwear often uses linen, cotton, and satin in design, mainly manually weaving and sewing, and also combines Spanish culture and local traditional elements.

10. Canada

Canadian sexy underwear is characterized by high quality and diversity, and its production bases are mainly distributed in Toronto and Vancouver.Canada’s sexy underwear style is pursuing fashion, simplicity and taste, and often uses cultural elements in Europe and America, so it is very popular in the domestic market.

In summary, from the perspective of analyzing the sexy underwear production bases worldwide, China, Thailand, Japan, and the United States have occupied an important market position, and European and South Korea and other countries cannot be ignored in design and production quality.It is worth noting that the sex and characteristics of each country are different. Consumers can choose a product that suits them according to their own needs and preferences.

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