Which platforms are better to sell sexy underwear


With the development of the Internet, online sales have become an important channel for many industries, and the sexy underwear industry is no exception. It is better to sell sex underwear on which platforms are now.This article will analyze which platforms are more suitable for selling sexy underwear.

Electronic business platform

E -commerce platforms are one of the main channels for sales of the sex underwear industry. Among them, Taobao, Tmall, JD.com and other e -commerce platforms have a large user group, and the sales channels are relatively stable.Selling sexy underwear on this platform needs to pay attention to the requirements and requirements of the platform, and choose to choose a high reputation merchant as much as possible.At the same time, establishing its own brand stores on these platforms can increase brand awareness and sales.

Social platforms

Social software such as WeChat and Weibo is also a marketing method. It can display products through the form of pictures, text, videos and other forms of sexy underwear, and expand the scope of communication through the community and circle of friends on social platforms.However, pay attention to the audit of sensitive content on social platforms, and do not violate the content of policies to avoid being blocked and disturbing the brand image.

Spring Products Professional Platform

The professional platform of sex products is a professional website for selling sexy underwear. This kind of platform has more experience and sales channels for the sex products industry. For example, Foise.com is a professional sex product sales website.Such platforms are more professional for the sales of sexy underwear, and at the same time, they are more clearly positioned, which can attract more target consumers.

Overseas sales platform

Overseas sales platforms are a good sales channel that can expand the sales scope of overseas markets, such as Amazon, eBay, etc.These platforms comes with international logistics and payment systems and have excellent overseas sales capabilities, but have certain thresholds and handling fees, and relevant fees need to be paid according to the platform rules.

Local market sales platform

The local market sales platform refers to the sales platform of local sex lingerie stores, such as opening offline sexy underwear stores to publish store information to local yellow pages and community public accounts to attract local consumers.This sales method is relatively stable, but due to the needs of local markets and consumers, market demand has certain limitations.

Video live broadcast platform

The live video platform can show sexy charm of sexy underwear through live video, attract fans’ attention.For sellers, they can get more exposure and sales opportunities; for consumers, they can get more intuitive understanding and experience through real -time interaction.However, you need to pay attention to the specifications and stable network environment of the content during live broadcast to ensure the quality and effect of the live broadcast.

Search engine advertisement

By launching advertisements on search engines, advertisements can be displayed when people search for sexy underwear, attracting potential users. The most widely used search engine advertisements are Google and Baidu, 360 search, etc.Advertising needs to understand the needs of user, select the appropriate keyword directional advertising to obtain the optimal advertising effect.

Vertical media advertisement

Vertical media advertising refers to advertising on media websites, blogs, forums, communities, etc. related to sexy underwear.Such advertisements have more accurate positioning capabilities, can better lock the target audience, and put advertisements to the most related audience.However, it should be noted that the website where the advertising is located must be related to sexy underwear, otherwise it will waste the advertising budget.

E -commerce live broadcast selection room

The e -commerce live broadcast room is displayed in the live broadcast of sexy underwear in the e -commerce live broadcast, and interacts with the anchor.The majority of live broadcast platforms provide similar features, such as Taobao Live, Bilibili Live, Douyin Live, etc.Such channels can guide consumers to purchase through live interactive interaction, which can effectively increase sales.

in conclusion

In general, according to the product characteristics and sales goals of sexy underwear, choose the most suitable platform and marketing method.Large -scale e -commerce platforms and sex products are the main way to sell sexy underwear, while other platforms and methods need to be considered comprehensive consideration.According to the characteristics of the sexy underwear industry and market demand, the discovery of various sales channels has a good role in promoting the expansion of sales scale and improving product competitiveness.

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