Which Taobao sex underwear is good?

Which Taobao sex underwear is good?

Background introduction

With the progress of society, more and more people have begun to pay attention to sexy lingerie.From the original single -sex function to the evolution of sexy underwear with more functions, styles, and color elements, the market demand of underwear has also quietly changed.However, in the face of many erotic underwear brands, how should we buy and which one is good?This article will focus on the sexy underwear brands on the Taobao platform and give selection suggestions.

brand introduction

On the Taobao platform, Miss ONYX, which starts with stockings, is the most well -known.Miss Onyx’s sexy underwear has attracted much attention with the characteristics of skin comfort and softness.In addition, there are brands such as angel wings, mango sweethearts, sweetheart little witch and other brands.The common point of these sexy underwear brands is that they have a complete production line and the excellence of materials and versions, so they have a good reputation on the Taobao platform and are loved by consumers.

Style and material

In terms of styles, sexy underwear has rich changes. From the basic black and white, it becomes a variety of styles, cat women, nurses, dancers, uniforms, etc., deeply digging the role of women.In terms of material, fiber is the main, flexible and elastic, and it is more convenient to clean.In addition, the use of soft materials such as lace can create a fusion of comfort and sexy atmosphere.

size selection

Proper sexy underwear will not only better express your curve and body advantages, but also more comfortable to wear.It is recommended to do a good job of measurement of your own body before buying, and accurately locate the required size.At the same time, when buying sexy underwear, you should pay attention to that the size of different brands may have certain differences and need patient comparison.

Communicate with your partner

The presence of sexy underwear is to better meet the needs of the partner.Therefore, when buying and dressing, you must fully communicate with your partner and fully understand the taste and needs of the other party.

Price and quality

When choosing a sexy underwear, you must master the balance of price and quality. The higher the price, the higher the underwear is not necessarily the best, but there is excessive luxury.The quality of underwear with low price is difficult to guarantee.Therefore, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the brand, size, material and other aspects, and finally find a relatively balanced price range.

After -sales service

Buying sexy underwear on the Taobao platform, after -sales service is also a point we need to consider.Good after -sales service can not only protect our consumption rights, but also allow us to have more confidence in buying.In Taobao’s sexy underwear brands, most of them can provide a certain quality guarantee and return system, and customer service is also more thoughtful and meticulous.

customer feedback

On Taobao, user feedback is an important reference for measuring the quality of sexy underwear.We can understand the brand’s true quality performance by browsing the evaluation and feedback of historical users.However, it should be noted that everyone’s experience and feelings have certain subjectivity, so not all user feedback has reference value.


For sexy underwear brands on Taobao, it is best to choose more praise brands to buy.When selecting materials and styles, you need to consider factors such as body, body shape, partner needs, seasonal seasons, etc., and choose the style that suits you.In addition, try to ensure accuracy as much as possible when selecting the size, so as to avoid the effect of wearing effects due to small or large buying.


There are countless brands on Taobao sex underwear, but quality and services are different.In order to choose a sexy underwear that suits us, we need to consider many aspects such as brand, style, size, price, user feedback, etc.The ultimate goal is to meet your needs, experience the joy of sex with your partner, and show your most beautiful side.

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