Why is there no men in sexy underwear

Why is there no men in sex underwear

Interest underwear is an increasingly popular product in subculture. It focuses on different design, color and fabrics to improve the sexyness of clothing.And sexy underwear seems to have only women’s models. Why are there no men?This article will answer this question for you.

Men’s market is smaller

Market and commercial profits are the main considerations for designing and promoting products, and the main consumer groups in the sex underwear market are women.This is because women have a wider range of needs and interest in terms of sex. They are more active and active than men when choosing and buying sexy underwear.In contrast, the male market is small and lacks large -scale consumer groups and market demand. Therefore, the brand will target the more favorable target market as much as possible.

The hard needs of sexy underwear

For women, in addition to increasing sexy and inspiring desire, there are some actual role -playing factors.Women are easier to enjoy sex in role -playing than men. This demand can also be met by sexy underwear.On the contrary, men are often more interested in some hard needs, such as tools, props or physical products, and sexy underwear cannot fully meet the needs in this area.

Social and cultural considerations

In terms of society and culture, the gender concepts and values of various countries are very different, which also determines the reason why sexy underwear does not have male products in different countries.In most countries or cultures, men are considered to pay more attention to practicality and realism, while women pay more attention to sexy and beautiful.This gender concept often affects the direction and type of product development.

Different market demand

The market demand of sexy underwear changes over time and changes in different regions and culture. Corresponding merchants will also choose design and promotion of different styles of products according to market demand.Although the men’s market in sex underwear has continued to grow, it is still insufficient compared to the women’s market. Therefore, most brands choose to pay more attention to the proportion of the women’s market.

Men’s public psychology

Psychological studies have shown that men are often more conservative and privacy than women, and rarely disclose emotional and sexual expression and exposure, which also determines that men’s sexy underwear is more difficult in market and business promotion.Unlike women wearing sexy underwear, there will be more occasions or willing to share and show off with friends, while men need more privacy and even need to protect personal privacy.

Different design

From a design perspective, the difference between women and men’s body structure is also one of the reasons why there are no men’s models in sex underwear.Because women pay more attention to women’s unique parts such as breasts and hips, women’s sexy underwear will pay more attention to structure, materials and durability, while men’s sexy underwear needs to be designed for more prominent parts of men, which meets the needs of men to meet the needs of men’s needs.And physiological structure.

Consideration of commercial interests

In addition to market factors, in terms of business, sexy underwear brands decide to develop male products are often affected by their own interests.At present, the main consumers in the sex underwear market are women, and the brand needs to meet consumer demand as much as possible and ensure market share.Because the men’s market is relatively small, most brands will not use the development of male products as the primary economic profit target.

Social stress

Another more subtle factor is social pressure.Compared with women, men’s shame and psychological disorders wearing sexy underwear are much stronger.Men wearing erotic underwear are more vulnerable and restricted in social occasions. This may also be a resistance factor for male sex lingerie in the business market.

in conclusion

Although sexy underwear does not have male products, it is only the result of the complicated conditions such as market, design, and cultural factors.With the changes in sexual concepts and market demand, the share of the men’s market for sex underwear has continued to expand, and the future sex lingerie brands will inevitably launch a model of men and women to meet the needs of different consumer groups.This will also be a trend of forward development.

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