White shirt is sexy sheets

The background of the white shirt

The white shirt is probably the longest and most applicable clothing item after a suit jacket.It was used to spread inside the suit and absorb sweat.Because the white is not conspicuous, some brands noticed this when designing, and made some white shirts with better perceptions, and even added the elements that only men’s formats such as men’s formats.In this way, the white shirt slowly broke away from the actual significance of the suit and became an independent fashion item.

White shirt and sexy underwear

In this era, many women want to wear sexy and sexy clothes.As a simple design and a lot of basic styles, the white shirt can find some innovative gameplay, one of which is part of the sex lingerie.

Features of white shirts

The white shirt has a simple design, and the collar, sleeves, shoulders are simple and flat, and there is no complicated curve.In addition, its texture is also very suitable for making erotic underwear, because it cuts flat and does not have much telescopic.

The shape of the white shirt erotic underwear

There are roughly two types of white shirt sexy underwear. One is to directly open the white shirt that is directly buckled. It only puts on the upper body. Without pants, it can be exposed, similar to a tights.The other is to cut white shirts into various shapes, such as the shape of the chest, the shape of the back, and so on.

The culture of white shirts sexy underwear

In some countries, the cultural festivals of white shirt sexy underwear are also very common. For example, there is a festival called "White Model Memorial Day" in Brazil to celebrate the white shirt that people love.

The style of white shirt sexy underwear

The style of white shirts sexy underwear is very concise, but it can also add good -looking details by designing the design of New, Terringing, sleeve length.

Choose a white shirt underwear suitable for the body

When choosing a white shirt underwear, the most important point is to choose a style suitable for your body.Because the entry threshold of the white shirt is very low, you can buy a style that suits your body through Taobao and other websites.

The dressing requirements of white shirts sexy underwear

When wearing white shirts, it should be noted that white clothes are easy to expose the outline of the underwear, which may not be a problem for indoor wearing, but if you need to wear outdoors, it may attract the attention of others.To avoid this situation, you can choose to match some jackets outside the white shirt.

Maintain white shirt sexy underwear

One thing to pay attention to white shirts and lingerie is that because it is a white clothes, it should be cleaned frequently.If you want to make your clothes brighter, you can add a small amount of pollutant or use lemon juice and other detergents to wash.Do not use a high -temperature dryer for drying.

The trend of white shirts sexy underwear

In some fashion magazines or idol stars, you will see how to wear white shirt sexy underwear, and many people expressed their favorite.Because it is more casual in matching, it is also in line with the aesthetics of young people.

my point of view

White shirt sexy underwear is a simple and interesting fashion game, which can break the tradition and shape your own unique personality.Its design is simple and generous, suitable for various occasions. For female friends who want to add sexy atmosphere, it is particularly worth trying.

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