Who is the female protagonist of Korean drama and movie sexy underwear

Who is the female protagonist of Korean drama and movie sexy underwear

Interest underwear is one of the essentials for women, which can not only add charm, but also enhance self -confidence.In many Korean dramas, sexy underwear has also become a part of the heroine wearing, so what is the sexy underwear of these heroines?Let’s take a look at who is the heroine of the love underwear in Korean dramas.

Li Yingai "To the Beautiful You"

The movie "Beautiful You" tells the story of the heroine’s brave pursuit of dreams for the beauty of life.In the movie, Li Yingai’s role not only has a high taste of clothing, but also has a good choice for sexy underwear.She wore black stockings with red lace sexy underwear appeared in the play, full of sexy and beautiful.

Park Shin -hye "Cruel City"

In the movie "Cruel City", although the heroine played by Park Shin -hye is a criminal policeman, her sexy underwear is not inferior to other heroines.In the play, Park Shin -hye is wearing a black lace sexy underwear, putting on a coat, exuding a sense of mystery and temptation.

Quan Zhixian "You from the Stars"

As a superstar in the Korean drama industry, Quan Zhixian in "You from the Stars" not only explodes the acting skills, it is also remarkable.In the play, she is wearing pink lace sexy underwear, capable and full of playfulness, showing her feminine charm.

Li Duohai "Holmes"

In the movie "Holmes", Li Duohai’s role is deeply loved by the audience.In addition to her superb acting skills, her sexy underwear cannot be ignored.In the movie, Li Duohai is wearing a black lace sexy underwear and a small black suit. It is elegant and beautiful.

Yan Zhiyuan’s "Bridge of Spy"

In the film "Bridge of Spy", the sexy underwear worn by Yan Zhiyuan’s actress is black and white stitching style, and the details of the zipper design also add a mystery.This shape not only shows the sexy of women, but also has a sense of mini.

Liu Renna "Fantastic Man"

In the Korean drama "Fantastic Man", although Liu Renna played the heroine, although she has a weak appearance, she has a strong personality and often turns into an enchanting weird girl.In a party, the sexy underwear she wore showed her inner rebellion and charm.Black perspective lace with pearls of glimmer gas shows her high -level sense and sexy charm.

Yuan Binzhen "Romantic House"

In the Korean drama "Romantic House", although Yuan Binzhen’s role is a cartoonist, her sense of fashion is also impeccable.In the play, she is wearing a white gauze sexy lingerie and high -heeled shoes, showing her beautiful legs.This shape is simple and generous, and unforgettable.

Shen Min’er "The Eye of the Devil"

In the movie "The Eye of the Devil", the heroine played by Shen Min’er appeared in a black sexy underwear, which instantly highlighted her feminine charm and sexy.This shape is simple and generous, but without losing elegant temperament, perfectly interprets the sexy and self -confidence of modern women.

Li Chengmin’s "Prank Kiss"

In the Korean drama "The Kiss of the Prank", the heroine played by Li Chengmin wore a pink and sexy underwear, sweet and sexy.Her personal skin was very tempting, perfectly showing her women’s temptation.

Chi Zhenxi’s "Strange Family"

In the Korean drama "Strange Family", although Chi Zhenxi’s role is a tearful beauty, her erotic underwear style cannot be ignored.She wore light -colored lace sexy underwear and a short skirt, which was beautiful.

In general, the heroine in Korean drama movies not only has outstanding acting skills, but also has a very high taste.Their sexy underwear shape shows not only the sexy and charm of women, but also shows women’s confidence and beauty.When choosing a sexy underwear, we can refer to the matching of the heroine in these movies to make ourselves more charming and confident.

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