Wholesale market in Shanghai sex underwear

1. Overview of Shanghai sex underwear market

Shanghai is a fashionable city. There are not only various trend fashion and jewelry, but also a variety of sexy underwear.Interest underwear is a kind of underwear that focuses on personality and beauty, which can not only add interest, but also enhance personal charm.Therefore, the Shanghai sex underwear market is very active, with a variety of erotic underwear brands, and the wholesale markets of various types of sexy underwear have also appeared.

2. Types of Shanghai sex underwear wholesale market

The Shanghai sex underwear market not only has many types, but also has different wholesale channels.Common sexy underwear wholesale channels include mall wholesale markets, online wholesale, professional wholesale markets, etc.

3. Mall wholesale market

The shopping mall wholesale market is an important part of the Shanghai sex underwear wholesale market. The sexy underwear brands here are relatively complete and the price is moderate. It is favored by many small and medium -sized lingerie stores.However, the shopping mall wholesale market is not suitable for large -scale sex lingerie stores.

4. Network wholesale

Online wholesale is a modern way of wholesale, and is welcomed by more and more sexy underwear dealers.Through online wholesale, dealers can save many intermediate links, reduce costs, and at the same time can obtain more sexy underwear resources.However, there are also risks in online wholesale and need to be cautious to choose platforms and sellers.

5. Professional wholesale market

Professional wholesale markets are usually the wholesale channels for sex underwear stores. There are many sex lingerie brands and quantities here, and the prices are relatively favorable.At the same time, the salesperson here knows the market dynamics in a timely manner, and can provide the latest sexy underwear information and suggestions.

6. Geographical location of Shanghai sex underwear wholesale market

Most of the Shanghai sex lingerie wholesale markets are concentrated in the Bayhan Commercial District, Wanda Commercial District, Zhongshan Park Commercial District, Longbai Business District and other places.These business districts are located in the center of Shanghai or surrounding. It is very convenient for transportation and has a relatively complete supporting facilities.

7. How to choose Shanghai sex underwear wholesale market

When choosing the Shanghai sex underwear wholesale market, we must pay attention to the market size, the number of sexy underwear brands, the number of stores, the price, and the service of the store, and the comprehensive consideration can find the most suitable wholesale market.

8. The trend of Shanghai sex underwear wholesale market

With the continuous growth of the sexy underwear market, Shanghai’s sex underwear wholesale market is also developing.More and more sexy lingerie brands have settled in the Shanghai market. At the same time, wholesale markets are also developing new product lines and service methods to meet the needs of different sexy lingerie stores.

9. Suggestions

For dealers and stores who want to enter the Shanghai sex underwear market, you can have more information about the information of the affectionate underwear, accumulate the experience and knowledge of sexy underwear, choose the wholesale market that is suitable for you, understand the market trend, and choose the best quality interest for your own stores.Underwear products.

10. Conclusion

Shanghai sex underwear wholesale market is a vibrant market. By understanding the characteristics and trends of the market, choosing wholesale channels that suits them can allow dealers and shoppers to better stand in the market.

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