Why can’t help but stop sexy underwear


Interesting underwear, as a sexy and interesting underwear style, has a wide range of audiences in the market.However, some people think that erotic underwear is contrary to morality, and questioning the existence of such underwear.So why can’t you help but have sex underwear?This article will analyze from three aspects: social perspective, consumer perspective, and brand perspective.

Social perspective

Some people think that the encouragement and promoting sexual behavior of sexy underwear has destroyed the traditional moral system and therefore should be prohibited.However, this view ignores a fact: sexy underwear does not encourage immoral behavior, but meets people’s demand for beauty and self -realization.

Consumer angle

Consumers like sexy underwear.Some people believe that sexy underwear can enhance gender attraction and make people more confident; others believe that wearing sexy underwear can satisfy their sexual fantasy and sexual imagination.These needs are deep -level, and it is forbidden for sexy underwear to only suppress the pursuit of these needs.

Brand angle

The brand of sexy underwear is mainly for the adult market. Different brands have different styles and positioning.However, if it is forbidden to make a sexy underwear, it is not so much to protect the market, it is better to discriminate against some brands.Moreover, some brands are not just sexy underwear manufacturers. They also produce other types of underwear, so it is not of much significance for these brands to disaster underwear.

Refer to other countries’ practices

If you really want to prohibit sex underwear, you can consider drawing on the practice of other countries.For example, Britain is prohibiting the sale of children or teenagers to wear sexy underwear, but for adults, sexy underwear is legal.This method can balance the relationship between morality and demand, and will not prohibit erotic underwear.

The impact on consumers

It is an unfair restriction for many consumers.They cannot freely enjoy the beauty and sexuality of underwear, which will also have a negative impact on the market.On the basis of the market economy, consumers’ needs and psychology are the leadership of the market. Someone should not impose their moral standards to others.

About the review system

If you really want to restrict sex underwear, the question is how to formulate standards and review systems.Some underwear brands may excessively pursue sexy and exposed, and this situation should be reviewed and controlled.However, if the review criteria are set too severe, it will limit the development of the market.

Make full beauty

Interest underwear is not just a manifestation of sexy and sex, but also a presentation of art and aesthetics.Sex underwear designers organically combine women’s body and art organically with unique design and creativity.This aesthetic presentation is unique and beautiful, and it should be respected and protected.

Combining the reality to make good use of the best

Interest underwear is not just the ideal beauty, but also the actual experience of the clothes.In this actual process, designers need to consider the diversity, comfort, functionality and other factors of the size to benefit consumers with actual experience.This real experience is the core competitiveness of the sexy underwear brand, and it is one of the reasons why it cannot be prohibited from sexy underwear.


Under the progress of society and respect for personal free will, we cannot prohibit sex underwear.Interest underwear is not only a manifestation of beauty and self -esteem, but also an art presentation and brand projection.At the same time, we also need to manage interesting underwear brands to prevent brands from abused sexy and exposed to attract consumers, and achieve a balance in aesthetic and actual experience.In such a market environment, we will see more and more beautiful performance of sexy underwear.

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